Asking for help

I was going to post the next page of Everlasting Blossoms, but only the words were posted. Tried to look for everywhere to see if I can find some way to have pictures posted too. But failed!

I’m just a new beginner in computer science. There are still lots, lots to learn!

Please! Could someone help me and tell me what to do? Please!   

Without pictures the beauty of Everlasting Blossoms will not be able to shared.


Share my writing

I wrote a book “Everlasting Blossoms” in Chinese and published in Taiwan 2011.

Since there are so many English speaking friends were amazed when they found out those pictures were taken from hand crocheted flowers!  They wished if they could understand what those unfamiliar writings were talking about.  And above all, they wondered if there is any instruction about how to crochet some flowers and butterflies?  Therefore I started trying my very best translate it into English.  English is not my mother langue  beside I immigrated to US at my late 40s.What I’m trying to say is: my English is not that great!

I’ve just finished my big and heavy project and would like to share with you.

Pray that I can get some feedbacks.

Pray that whoever read this “Life story of Everlasting Blossoms”  would tell me:

if they understood what I wrote?

If the story is interested?

If it is worth publishing?

Last of all, I need volunteer proofreader!

Oh! By the way, let me share me secret! I’m almost 80 years old. I lost the ability of moving the  left side of my body due to a stroke 14 years ago, I type only with my right hand!

Now I’m going to tell you what’s in this book”

The life story of Everlasting Blossoms


  1. The beginning of the story
  2. Author’s Preface
  3. The life Story of Everlasting Blossom

c1.The Laundry Lady

c2. Renew A Sweet Experience of Bygone

c3. The Princesses Etiquette

c4. The Ladle Head

c5. Import Event in Yu Wen’s Life

c6. First Time Being A Mother

c7. Visiting Dz Yun’s Parents

c8. Air Raid

c9. Needlework

c10. The War Heroes of the Japanese Invasion

c11. Settled Down un Taiwan

c12. Rose, The Flower of Love

c13.  Flower Thief 

c14. Vanda

c15. Plum Blossom

c16. Sakura

c17. Peony

c18. Rohdea japonica

c19. Nasturtium

c20. Lily, Rose and Carnation

c21. Water Lily

c22. The First Exhibition of Everlasting Blossom

c23. The Bellflower

c24. Spider Chrysanthemum

c25. Barbados Lily

c24. Meeting New Friends

c25. More Blossoms

  1. Addendum
  2. Unveil the Methods of Crochet Everlasting Blossom
  3. How to Crochet your own Butterfly