Asking for help

I was going to post the next page of Everlasting Blossoms, but only the words were posted. Tried to look for everywhere to see if I can find some way to have pictures posted too. But failed!

I’m just a new beginner in computer science. There are still lots, lots to learn!

Please! Could someone help me and tell me what to do? Please!   

Without pictures the beauty of Everlasting Blossoms will not be able to shared.


7 thoughts on “Asking for help

    1. I am learning! But I still can not figure out how to set up “categories”. so I can have an area for pictures only besides Everlasting Blossoms, and some other topics as well. But where can I find “categories”?
      can you help me? Aggie. Please!!!

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    2. When I look back at all the comments, I realized that I didn’t answer any of them. Sorry about it! You can tell how much I did know at the beginning. I’m still learning. Thank you for your help and promote me from kindergarten to 1st grade!

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