Christmas Wreath –Chinese Knotting–


As I said: “I love Handicrafts.”  I really enjoy working on them!

Knotting is one of them. After the stroke, I use cork board, pins, forceps as my third hand. Some times even my teeth as well! When I sit in front of the cork board, when I look at those pins and tweezers,  my mind, my heart are with  it. Nothing else, but “What am I going to make today?” And the time flies fast, one hour like a moment.

Last Christmas I made some Christmas wreaths to bring my love and Christmas blessings to my relatives and friends.


Everlasting Blossoms —C-2 Renew a sweet experience of bygone days

C-2 Renew a sweet experience of bygone days

Yu Wen was born in Pei-Jing, China,1914. The beginning years of a new democratic government, The Republic of China. The glory of Ching Dynasty faded.

All the relatives of Mrs. Lyan’s were with blue blood. One of them, Lord Jin Sz Ye who loved to tell jokes.

Once Jin Sz Ye told Yu Wen a true story which she could never get over with. It was about a downgrade lord who was so sensitive about his reputation.

One morning, Lord Jin Sz Ye was strolling with his bird’s cage close Hu Gwo Sz, a famous temple in Pai-jing. There were all kinds of small business around the temple. People loved to shop around there. Jin Sz Ye walked into a tea hut for some breakfast. Sitting behind him, there was a poor old jobless lord. It was very noisy at that tea hut; some were calling for the waiters to take orders, some were asking for the prices. Friends talking to each others across several tables. Birds twittering in their cages restlessly……. All of a sudden, he heard a loud slam coming from the table behind his. Someone shouted: “It’s too loud, Be silent!” Everybody stopped talking and turn around and looked at the table behind him. That was the jobless lord, standing with his dignity. The hut was as silent as the night. The people at the tea hut begin eating or drinking quietly.

Even if he was a jobless lord; he still is yesterdays majesty. Jin Sz Ye stood up trying to calm the old man down. But he found out that the old jobless lord was wetting his finger with his mouth and trying to pick up some sesames seeds which jumped out of the cracks in the table, due to the force of his slam.

The story was told when Yu Wen was around six or seven years old, she was so innocent and naive. She could not understand the ways of the world. She thought the old jobless lord was so funny. She was even imitating his action, banging on the table and made lots of loud noise.

*  *  *  *  *

Yu Wen’s father, Mr. Lyan was the descendant of a Mongolian prince. Educated in Japan. Because of his education back ground, he operated an arsenal in Pei-king. That was during the beginning of The new republican government. Political affairs were very unstable. There were many warlords did not agree with to the policy of the new government, and also they would like to enlarge their own territories by taking lands from the other Warlords. Hoping someday they could take over the whole country. Wars happened here and there in China. Munitions were needed for both government and the warlords. Mr. Lyan’s arsenal was mutually benefited.

Yu Wen’s mother was a descendent of empire’s direct lineage. Supposing the Ching was still in power, Mrs. Lyan should be a princess. Yu Wen should be princess as well.

Due to the business Mr. Lyan was operating, the Lyan family was courteously treated by both government and the warlords. The Lyans were able to keep their splendid house with courtyards which were located at Bei-Wu Alley in Pei-king. It was not as big and beautiful as a prince’s house, but certainly it was very unusual. There were beautiful gardens with rockeries in the pond. A pair of stone lions stood on each side of the main entrance. The rooms in the first yard were menial. The houses in the second yard were for the masters. Eaves are long and wide. If you place a manhjong table under the eaves with 4 people playing around at the table, they would not get wet by the heavy rain. The bricks of the pathway were carved with moral stories. When Yu Wen was a little girl, she often asked Wong -Ma, her nursing mother to tell her those stories.

In the second yard there was an artificial hill with a secret door, a cave behind the door. In the cave there was a stone table. Yu Wen knew in the hot summer days, the ice for the whole family were stored here. They used those ice blocks for cold drinks, cooling fruits, and bring the room temperature down. As a naughty child, Yu Wen loved to ask Wong Ma to be with her to explore the cave. She believed there must be some kind of secret path that could lead to somewhere. Such as to the country side, or another mansion…… Due to the darkness and the cold air, poor Wong Ma was never be able to accomplish the adventure with her.

There were various kind of flowers in front of the artificial hill. Yu Wen loved the nature since she was a little girl. She appreciate the beauty of the nature. She often being attracted by a small flower, a butterfly or a bug. Whenever she found something special, she would ask Wong Ma to help her to bring it home to study it. Sometimes even use it as a model for her embroidery. That was why her needle works were so different from others.

—to be continued—

C-1 The Laundry Lady

—The last part of “the Laundry Lady—

At that very moment, Mrs. Lee came home. She saw Yu Wen was standing in the middle of the yard.

“Oh My! Oh my! I say, Mrs Ho, don’t stand here. Please do come into the living room and have some tea.”

The arrangements of Lee’s living Room looked pretty much like the Lyan’s. There was a long table against the wall in the center of the room. A tablet with the name of Lee’s ancestry was placed at the middle of the table. An incense burner, the one with three legs, place in front of the table, There were some fresh flowers and fruits placed on the table in front of the tablet. . A typical furnished and decorated living room for a traditional Chinese family. All these reminded Yu Wen her own mother house. She stopped at the doorway swallowed her tears.

“Mom, Aunt Ho was looking for you.” Han Jung told Mrs. Lee.

Mrs. Lee, age around sixty, a friendly and rather heavy lady, with a kind smiling face. She looked at Yu Wen and said:

“Of course! Is there anything that I can do for you? Just let me know it.”

“I…..I….., I would like to know……., if…..if there are some clothing you…….need someone to…….wash for you.” Yu Wen said stuttering:”I would like to wash them for you. If………..if you just give me some rice and fire woods.”

Mrs. Lee looked at Yu Wen’s blushing face. She picked up her hands and looked at them graciously. and said:

“What a child! You make my heart aching. I suppose you are just about two years older than my own daughter. Look at these tender hands, I can tell that they’ve never had any tough task.”

When Yu Wen heard what Mrs. have just said, she thought she was going to lose the only chance she can grab. Right away she said: “Yes! Yes! Mrs. Lee, I can do it. I really can do it.”

“Of course! My dear!” Mrs. Lee said. She was such a understanding lady. She could tell that Dz Yun and Yu Wen were from good families. If it was not because of the current situation, Yu Wen would never think of she needs to get a job. She felt so sorry for this noble young lady.

“Han Jung,” Mrs. Lee called her son. “You and your younger brother’s pillow cases and bed sheets and also all the cloths you’ve changed last night, they all should be washed. I don’t think if I’ll have time to do it today. I’m glad that Aunt Ho can help me. So you brothers don’t just stand there doing nothing, go get those dirty clothing and the others out to the back yard. Then help Aunt Ho to get water from the well. Also to watch over the little girls.」

Then she said to Yu Wen: “Mrs. Ho, come, come with me to the kitchen to get something.”」.

One of the boys running back and forth. Not long some big bundles of fire woods, rice, vegetables and meat were transported into Ho’s kitchen.

Before Yu Wen knew it, Syau Yun were put into her baby stroller, laugher and playing with those two big boys.

Those boys not only helping to draw water from the well, they also put the clothing into the water. Yu Wen wash the clothing and the boys rinse them, and hang them on the cloth line. Soon after the launders were all done.

Mrs. Lee came out of the house and said to Yu Wen:「I really appreciate your help today. I wish that if you could be my daughter. Wouldn’t it be wonderful! you’d better run home now. It’s about time to prepare for dinner.」

Yu Wen was speechless but nodding her head endlessly with tears in her eyes. The warmth in her heart wiped off all the anxieties.

Dinner was ready!

It seemed for a quite a long time they hadn’t had any steamed rice, It smelled so good! There were soup, vegetables and twice-cooked pork, the famous Sz Chwan dish.

For Syau Wen, Yu Wen mixed steamed rice with some small pieces of pork , some juice from every dish. It was so delicious!

“Yammy! mammy! Yammy!” There were rice all over Syau Wen’s nose and face!

Dz Yun appeared at the doorway, he heard what Syau Wen had just said and saw her with a funny looking face. But she looked so lovely!

“Syau Wen, what’s so delicious? Ah? Look at you! You even eat with your nose and cheeks!” Dz Yun said his daughter.

“Rou-rou(baby’s talking for Meat in Chinese.)!, rou-rou yammy!”Syau Wen pointing at the dish on the table.

Dz Yun was happy too. Because he hadn’t had any meat for quite a while.

“Well! So we have a Sumptuous meal today, right? That’s wonderful!” Dz Yuen cheered!

Yu Wen handed over a big bowl of rice for Dz Yun with a sweet smile. And said: “You must be very tired and hungry, hurry up and eat before it gets cold.”

Dz Yun, a typical man. He had never thinking of to ask Yu Wen where those food came from.

While Yu Wen was cleaning the table, she found out that Dz Yun didn’t really eat much of the second-cooked pork. She understood it’s because that Dz Yun meant to save some for tomorrow for the whole family.

When Yu Wen looking back the life she had at her mother home and now, they were so different. She never cooked, had never washed any clothing, not even make her only tea. But the live she is in now, the warmth and hope filled her heart. No more tears! She believe that everything will be getting better.

—C-2 Renew a sweet experience of bygone days is on the way—


C. life Story of Everlasting Blossom

C-1 The Laundry Lady(2)

“Meow!” A cute little kitten came to the kitchen door. It woke Yu Wen up from her day dreaming, and put her back to the reality.

Big tear drops dropped to her hands. Yu Wen shook her head, trying to shake off what was in her mind. But tears said “No!” kept on running down to her cheeks and wet her blouse.

Yu Wen resolutely wiped off her tears and kept her chin up, looking out the windows with her red eyes,

“What am I going to do next?” Yu Wen asked herself the question with no answer.

Yesterday morning, Dz Yun finished his watery rice porridge, put on his straw sandals left home to look for a job. His feet were blistered. The blisters got dried many time and by now they were deadened. Hoping that he will find a job, any job that will bring some income. He realized since they left his home town in He Nan till now, the money he brought from home should be almost finished. He loved Yu Wen so much and wished that he could give her the whole world, he put those money into Yu Wen’s hand. Usually the rice porridge was not so watery. He notice that even at dinner, lesser dishes were placed on the table. But quietly he took whatever were placed on the table for him. He knew how hard was Yu Wen trying to work on their budget, and hang in there.

Dz Yun and Yu Wen escapeed the Japanese’s persecution from He-Nan to Sz Chwan,. They lost contact with their home, without any friend here in this unfamiliar place. to get a job was so difficult. He was a well educated with degree of college. Usually it should be very easy to get a government job or a high school teacher. But the current situation and financial difficulties, students left town with their parents. School combined two or three classes into one, reduced the number of teachers. Government organization were tightening their budget laid off employers. Countless offices Dz Yun went in and out with disappointment. Numberless pair of straw sandals had worn-out with his numb feet in them.

Trying to cheer himself up, Dz Yuen said to himself before he got back home that evening: “it will be a better day tomorrow. There was a newly arrived government organization, there may be some good luck waits for me!” When he got home that evening, Yu Wen was breastfeeding Syau Yun, their second daughter, who was a 5,6 month old baby. Syau Wen, their first born daughter was in bad by now.

Yu Wen said to him: 「Sorry! Pal! Syau Wen and I had some dinner already. Go ahead, that all for you. 」

Dz Yun was exhausted and hungry. He met with so many rebuffs. Now, home, sweet home! Without thinking of anything else, he sat at the table and started eating. Like a hungry tiger, he finished the last drop of everything that placed on the table. Even though, it seemed those food didn’t ease of the hunger at all.

Yu Wen looked at her sweetheart with love and sorry. She knew that whatever she prepared would not be enough for Dz Yun. These days Syau Wen often complaining her stomach ache because of not enough food. Yu Wen wanted to say something to Dz Yuen but she didn’t know where to begin with.

*  *  *  *  *  *

“Now, what am I going to do next?” She said to herself again. She looked into the bucket where they kept the rice, there was very little rice left in it, barely enough for the dinner that evening. But how about tomorrow? She had to think about something ease off Syau Wen’s stomach ache. To have enough food to for her poor honey. To have enough milk for Syau Yun. Suddenly she got an idea.

After Syau Yun fell into sleep, she said to Syau Wen:”My good girl, will you watch over your little sister for me? Make sure that she will not fall off of the bed. I’m going to see our landlady, and will be back very soon.”

Yu Wen went into the landlady’s yard. She saw Han Jung( one of the landlady’s sons) was sitting under the tree with a book in his hand.

“Excuse me! Mr. Lee, Is your mother home?”

The young man stood up embarrassingly.”‘Aunt Ho, Please call me Han Jung. Don’t call me Mister. My mother went to visit my sister. I suppose she will be home at any minute. May I ask what can we do for you?”

“I……..I……” Yu Wen murmured, she found it was very difficult for her to speak it out.

–To be continued–

At that very moment, Mrs. Lee came home. She saw Yu Wen was standing in the middle of the yard.

C. life Story of Everlasting Blossom

C-1 The Laundry Lady-a
My father, Dz Yuen was a man with a great sense of purpose. He was a man dedicated to his role in the Air Force but his real purpose in life was to find ways to make my mother’s eyes sparkle. Sometimes it would be the simplicity of putting a rose under her blanket before she got into bed. Although she always got into bed long after he went to sleep, she would find the flower with a note that would provoke a smile and that special sparkle. My father was a special man of great kindness. He regretfully spent much of his time looking for jobs but he would always return with new ways to remind my mother of how much he loved her.
After my father left for looking for job that morning, my mother Yu Wen She was cleaning house and singing. Cleaning house was something new that she learned after her marriage. Actually my mother never had to do any house chores before she married. She began singing one of her favorite Drum Song of Peking, The Story of the West Wing .

“A sixteen year old young lady
Too lazy to dress up.
Tswei-Ying-Ying lying in bed sluggishly.
Lack of appetite, didn’t call any tea
Lonely and miserable.
cold and cheerless,
Holding her cheek with her tinny skinny hands
With her big eyes half-opened…………. ”

This Song always reminded her childhood. As in her memory: that was a cold spring morning…………

In that big living room. Yu Wen stood there as straight as a soldier in front of her mother, who was sitting in a big wooden lounge chair.
“I said, NO! Didn’t you understand what I’ve just said to you?” Mrs. Lyan said with a rather loud and harsh turn.”Who have ever heard of a young lady like you from an illustrious family, would ever learn to sing ” Drum Song of Peking “, such low class folk song was only for those people in the street who have to work for their daily bread. If our relatives and friends ever heard of this: the Lyan’s only daughter is learning Drum Song of Peking, what would they think about you? How am I going to be able to look for a matched marriage for you?”
Yu Wen was the pearl of the family, but when she violate Mrs. Lyan’s principles, her mother would never tolerate.
“So, I’ll say it again: NO! YOU – ARE – NOT – ALLOWED – TO – LEARN – IT ! ” Mrs. Lyan said: “Wong Ma, escort your lady back to her room. Without my permission, your lady should not leave her room.”
Wong Ma was Yu Wen’s wet nurse, who took care of Yu Wen ever since she was an infant. She loved Yu Wen so dearly as her own daughter.
Wong Ma whispered to Yu Wen softly: “My lady, let’s go back to your room now. Don’t make it difficult for me.”
Yu Wen was going to say something, but when she looked at her mother’s angry face and Wong Ma with tears in her eyes, she withdrew quietly from her mother’s room.
While they were walking to her room, she said to herself: 「Ok! Ok! I am not going to learn it, but I really don’t understand how could “learning a drum song” being related with ” lower one’s identity “?」
Mr. Lyan, Yu Wen’s father, a good husband, but he would do his best to be on his daughter’s side if he is needed.
That evening Mr. Lyan heard the servants were talking about the unhappy incident that happened between Mrs. Lyan and his only daughter, Yu Wen, he went into his daughter’s room instead of going to his wife’s room.
“My girl, I say, you are playing revolution again! And you upset your mother, right?” He said to Yu Wen.
“No! I did not.”Yu Wen was trying to defend herself.
“I was just telling her that I wish to learn the drum song, -The Story of the West Wing-. I didn’t know that could upset my mother that bad and she enumerated all my wrong doings. 」The feeling of wronged her, tears running down her cheeks.
“Pa-pa! You have to think of some ways to help me. I really want to learn it.”
「The Story of the West Wing? Isn’t that the romantic story about Tswei Ying Ying and Jang Jun Rei? I know it. Nice melody! But………….. 」It wouldn’t be hard for Mr, Lyan to figure out why that Mrs. Lyan would not allow Yu Wen to learn it. He didn’t want the happening gets too complicated.
「How about the pouch you promised me? En? It should be done by now. Isn’t it?」Mr. Lyan changed the subject.
「Almost! Pa! But I don’t feel like to do anything anymore after what I got from my mom today.」
Yu Wen was the pearl in Mr. Lyan’s palm. Yu Wen was so precious to him. On one hand Yu Wen’s personality was inherited from him, free and easy. On the other Yu Wen’s exquisite intelligence was from his wife. In addition to this, Mrs. Lyan had painstakingly educated Yu Wen with the Chinese traditional needle works. Yu Wen was a priceless treasure to him. Therefore Mr. Lyan always granted whatever Yu Wen requested .
Mr. Lyan was very proud of his daughter’s needle works. Whatever Yu Wen embroidered were beautiful and unique. He had a handkerchief was embroidered by Yu Wen. He always carry one or two pieces of Yu Wen’s needle works with him. When he had some social active with his friends, he wouldn’t miss any opportunity to show off.
Mr. Lyan was a pipe-smoker and carried a pouch with him all the time. He thought, it would be the best chance to show off Yu Wen’s masterpiece each time when he was loading his pipe. And people will not notice that he did it purposely! Therefore he asked Yu Wen to embroider a pouch for him. Now when he realize his daughter will go on a strike, he gave-in.
“OK! You tell me what’s in your mind? How would you learn it?”Mr. Lyan asked.
“I’m ……wondering if it is OK to employ a Drum Song actress to come to our home to teach me?” Yu Wen thought that would be the best way, which would be complete in both respects.
“You mean to learn it secretly at home, so that our relatives and friends will not know it and also it wouldn’t embarrass your mother too, right? But should we let your mother know about it?”
Yu Wen laughed happily because she knew her father will help her now.
A beautiful young lady came to Lyan’s residence the next afternoon to teach Yu Wen secretly! Whom Yu Wen found out later that she was a very famous Peking Drum Song actress, Jang-Tswei-Feng. May be it was because of that Jang Tswei Feng was famous, therefore Mrs. Lyan accepted the whole idea and did not give Yu Wen any more hard time. Yu Wen remembered after class when Miss Jang was about to leave, she lowered her head and walked backward for a few stapes, then turn around walked quickly out of room. Because she was of humble birth.
—To be continued—

Rose, the Second Generation Everlasting Blossoms


Li-Fen, my sweet caregiver!

She had never crocheted anything but shoelace!

One day she looked at my book “Everlasting Blossoms”,  the Chinese edition. Attracted  by the picture on the cover page. I told her those flowers even the frogs, the dragonfly and the little bug were hand crocheted. she was amazed and said:”How big are they?” I said:” Life size.”  She just couldn’t believe it!

“Would you like to crochet a rose?” I was half teasing her. I know she  can only crochet a shoelace!

But surprisingly her answer was:” I surely would like to try only if you  like to teach me.”

“How can I? With only one hand?” But I give a second thought and asked her: ” Do you know what is single crochet, double crochet?  What is skip? slip ?  How to add a stitch?”

“I know what is single crochet, double crochet,. but the others….”  She was a little discouraged.

Poor Li Fen’s face moved me.

“OK! First let’s make a shoelace with 15 chins. Then it turn over make 4 single crochet 6 double crochet and than 4 single crochet.” She did it!

I checked on what she did.

“Wow! Nice and even”

She looked very happy when she heard what I’ve said.  Her face looked bright!

“Now, turn it over and make two chins and 4 double crochet, then at the same hole of the 4th double crochet, make another double crochet, then you have added one double crochet.”

She looked a little puzzled again.

I do have one hand.  Do I?  So I told her to hold the ends with her two hands. I tried to poke the crochet hook into the right place. I did it! But trying to pull the yarn out of  thehole………..!

Quickly Li Fen understood what I wanted to do. There she practiced to add 2 stitch even 3 stitches.

Skip, is easy! She got it right away.  But slip, Puzzled again! We struggled for a while. Finally She got them all!

These were very basic skill. It took us more than an hour.

From then on, I read the instruction, Li Fen crochet.. One month later, rose, the second generation “Everlasting Blossom” was born.


B. The Author’s Preface

Everlasting Blossoms
B. The Author’s Preface(1)
My mother, Ho Lyan Yu Wen, with her love and her whole life experiences created the realistic fine yarn crochet flowers, 「Everlasting Blossom」, which was named by my father, Ho dz Yuen. You get it’s picture why it was named so; because they are always looking vivid, beautiful and breath taking as if they were blossoming in spring.
I try to begin the story with where my mother was born, her family and the living environment. When she was a young girl, she was influenced gradually by the traditional Chinese needlework, which led her stepped into the area of fine art, thus formed her artistic hands. Even the environment kept on changing from best to worse, suffering from destitution, she was always kept her utter innocence and optimistic delightful spirit. She always appreciated with keen sense toward nature. She always enjoyed watching a butterfly or the beauty of a small flower, and forgot the difficulties of the life.
I believe the beginning of Everlasting Blossom was not an adventitious, It was the fruit of love and life experiences.
In the early years, if my mother was not being painstakingly and formed by her family to needlework;
If she had never gotten a chance to touched the old tradition fine art;
If she did not keep a heart of child; Everlasting Blossom will never blossom in the world.
Almost everyone who had visited the exhibition of Everlasting Blossom would with one voice:
「They are gorgeous !」
「It is unbelievable that with yarn you can crochet a flower that as vivid as life ones!」
「My goodness! I though they are real flowers!」
「Even the pistils and stamens look like the real thing! 」
While the exhibit of the “Everlasting Blossom” was hold in San Francisco, Professor Sye Bing Ying had affirmed and keeping on telling her friends :「I have never visited the same exhibit twice, but this is my third visiting to Everlasting Blossom!」
After I retired, I live in a senior apartment in Oakland. There is a big pagoda tree in our yard, which draw me back to my childhood when I was in Si-An, northern China. I lived with my parents and my sisters and brothers. It was during the war with the Japanese. Everyone in China was in a very difficult situation and living in poverty. My mother used to pick a lot of pagoda flowers and mixed them with flour, sesame oil, Chinese spices , salt and steamed them, which was one of our most favorite food. They were always so testy and delicious!. While she was watching us enjoying it happily, she often sung a nursery rhyme:

Pagoda tree, pagoda tree,
There is an opera showing under thee
Call for daughters, call for daughter-in-laws,
The wee little grandbabies clamorous restlessly
A strong wind came and ended up the show shortly.
And blow the little ones home swiftly.

「Why the wind ended up the show shortly?」I asked my mother.
「Oh, I think it’s because their misbehavior.」My mother answered smilingly.
「If we were visiting my grand-mom, will the wind blow me back too?」
「No! Of course not. Grand-mom will be so delight to see such a nice grand-daughter. Definitely she’ll love you dearly, and huddle you tightly, she will never let the wind to blow you away 」
「When shall we visit her ? 」
「Well…….very soon,…………one of these days.」
「Mom, one of these days? But when will that be?」
This conversation was taken place during the 2nd world war, the invasion of the Japanese in China. We lived in Si-An, the capital of Shan-Syi Province, which was free from the Japanese, while my grandparents were lived in Pei-King, which was in the enemy’s hands. They were not just too far away from each other, it was just impossible to get there. Therefore, until my grand-mom past away, I had never had a chance to visit her.—TO BE CONTINUED—

The beginning of the story

Left–Mr. Jang Tau, the author of “The Beginning of the Story. Middle–Mrs. Ju Shou Ching, Right–Prpfessor Sye Bing Ying.

Everlasting Blossoms

A. The Beginning of The Story
by Jang Tau

「Aging with no exceptions, flowers all wither and fall」, as we always say ; but Ho Lyan Yu wen, an Chinese Air Force captain’s wife, had created a kind of crochet flowers that will never wither or fall. These vivid, life looking
”Everlasting Blossoms”, will never be changed by time or weather of the seasons.
There were many exhibitions of her pieces held in Taiwan as well in California. They had been appreciated and highly admired be the viewers. These unique “Everlasting Blossoms,” not only manifest a special craft art among Chinese women, and it also inaugurates a new field in art.
I went to the Chinese Culture Center in San Francisco Chinese Town, June 6, 1987. Visited the exhibition of Everlasting Blossoms, crocheted by Madam Ho Lyan Yu Wen, on the 3rd floor. When you think of 「Everlasting Blossoms」, it gives you a sense of beauty. It’s so poetic, which attracted a lot of visitors. I was one of them.
There were a lot of pictures of「Everlasting Blossoms」posted on the wall and 4 pots of crocheted flowers placed on the exhibit table. They’ve drew a lot of viewers from all over the Bay areas. At the exhibition chamber, I met Madam Sye Bin Ying, a well known professor and author from Taiwan, who told me: “There has never been one exhibition could ever attract me to visit the second time, but to this one, this is my 3rd visit.”
Mrs. Myra Chang, daughter of Madam Ho Lyan Yu Wen, explained to the visitors: “These flowers were crocheted with fine yarns.”
We all banded over to the flowers to give a closer look and touch with our hands. Yes! They are not real flowers but crocheted by human hands! You could hear the praise all over the chamber.
I was told that there was big insurance company in Taiwan, had made a very good offer to buy the entire collections. But Myra refused. She said, these flowers are only for people who really appreciate the beauty of the art of handcraft, they are not merchandise. And they will be passing down in her family.
Madam Ho Lyan Yu Wen had passed away many years ago, but her master piece has been well kept in the family. Now her daughter Myra wrote this book “Everlasting Blossom” in honor of her mother and also, to introduce her art along with some instructions of how to crochet some of the flowers and butterflies. To have 「Everlasting Blossoms」blossomed everywhere, and last forever!
– – -By Jang Tau, an author of Chinese Air Force,
San Francisco, CA, July,2010- – –