The beginning of the story

Left–Mr. Jang Tau, the author of “The Beginning of the Story. Middle–Mrs. Ju Shou Ching, Right–Prpfessor Sye Bing Ying.

Everlasting Blossoms

A. The Beginning of The Story
by Jang Tau

「Aging with no exceptions, flowers all wither and fall」, as we always say ; but Ho Lyan Yu wen, an Chinese Air Force captain’s wife, had created a kind of crochet flowers that will never wither or fall. These vivid, life looking
”Everlasting Blossoms”, will never be changed by time or weather of the seasons.
There were many exhibitions of her pieces held in Taiwan as well in California. They had been appreciated and highly admired be the viewers. These unique “Everlasting Blossoms,” not only manifest a special craft art among Chinese women, and it also inaugurates a new field in art.
I went to the Chinese Culture Center in San Francisco Chinese Town, June 6, 1987. Visited the exhibition of Everlasting Blossoms, crocheted by Madam Ho Lyan Yu Wen, on the 3rd floor. When you think of 「Everlasting Blossoms」, it gives you a sense of beauty. It’s so poetic, which attracted a lot of visitors. I was one of them.
There were a lot of pictures of「Everlasting Blossoms」posted on the wall and 4 pots of crocheted flowers placed on the exhibit table. They’ve drew a lot of viewers from all over the Bay areas. At the exhibition chamber, I met Madam Sye Bin Ying, a well known professor and author from Taiwan, who told me: “There has never been one exhibition could ever attract me to visit the second time, but to this one, this is my 3rd visit.”
Mrs. Myra Chang, daughter of Madam Ho Lyan Yu Wen, explained to the visitors: “These flowers were crocheted with fine yarns.”
We all banded over to the flowers to give a closer look and touch with our hands. Yes! They are not real flowers but crocheted by human hands! You could hear the praise all over the chamber.
I was told that there was big insurance company in Taiwan, had made a very good offer to buy the entire collections. But Myra refused. She said, these flowers are only for people who really appreciate the beauty of the art of handcraft, they are not merchandise. And they will be passing down in her family.
Madam Ho Lyan Yu Wen had passed away many years ago, but her master piece has been well kept in the family. Now her daughter Myra wrote this book “Everlasting Blossom” in honor of her mother and also, to introduce her art along with some instructions of how to crochet some of the flowers and butterflies. To have 「Everlasting Blossoms」blossomed everywhere, and last forever!
– – -By Jang Tau, an author of Chinese Air Force,
San Francisco, CA, July,2010- – –


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