C-1 The Laundry Lady

—The last part of “the Laundry Lady—

At that very moment, Mrs. Lee came home. She saw Yu Wen was standing in the middle of the yard.

“Oh My! Oh my! I say, Mrs Ho, don’t stand here. Please do come into the living room and have some tea.”

The arrangements of Lee’s living Room looked pretty much like the Lyan’s. There was a long table against the wall in the center of the room. A tablet with the name of Lee’s ancestry was placed at the middle of the table. An incense burner, the one with three legs, place in front of the table, There were some fresh flowers and fruits placed on the table in front of the tablet. . A typical furnished and decorated living room for a traditional Chinese family. All these reminded Yu Wen her own mother house. She stopped at the doorway swallowed her tears.

“Mom, Aunt Ho was looking for you.” Han Jung told Mrs. Lee.

Mrs. Lee, age around sixty, a friendly and rather heavy lady, with a kind smiling face. She looked at Yu Wen and said:

“Of course! Is there anything that I can do for you? Just let me know it.”

“I…..I….., I would like to know……., if…..if there are some clothing you…….need someone to…….wash for you.” Yu Wen said stuttering:”I would like to wash them for you. If………..if you just give me some rice and fire woods.”

Mrs. Lee looked at Yu Wen’s blushing face. She picked up her hands and looked at them graciously. and said:

“What a child! You make my heart aching. I suppose you are just about two years older than my own daughter. Look at these tender hands, I can tell that they’ve never had any tough task.”

When Yu Wen heard what Mrs. have just said, she thought she was going to lose the only chance she can grab. Right away she said: “Yes! Yes! Mrs. Lee, I can do it. I really can do it.”

“Of course! My dear!” Mrs. Lee said. She was such a understanding lady. She could tell that Dz Yun and Yu Wen were from good families. If it was not because of the current situation, Yu Wen would never think of she needs to get a job. She felt so sorry for this noble young lady.

“Han Jung,” Mrs. Lee called her son. “You and your younger brother’s pillow cases and bed sheets and also all the cloths you’ve changed last night, they all should be washed. I don’t think if I’ll have time to do it today. I’m glad that Aunt Ho can help me. So you brothers don’t just stand there doing nothing, go get those dirty clothing and the others out to the back yard. Then help Aunt Ho to get water from the well. Also to watch over the little girls.」

Then she said to Yu Wen: “Mrs. Ho, come, come with me to the kitchen to get something.”」.

One of the boys running back and forth. Not long some big bundles of fire woods, rice, vegetables and meat were transported into Ho’s kitchen.

Before Yu Wen knew it, Syau Yun were put into her baby stroller, laugher and playing with those two big boys.

Those boys not only helping to draw water from the well, they also put the clothing into the water. Yu Wen wash the clothing and the boys rinse them, and hang them on the cloth line. Soon after the launders were all done.

Mrs. Lee came out of the house and said to Yu Wen:「I really appreciate your help today. I wish that if you could be my daughter. Wouldn’t it be wonderful! you’d better run home now. It’s about time to prepare for dinner.」

Yu Wen was speechless but nodding her head endlessly with tears in her eyes. The warmth in her heart wiped off all the anxieties.

Dinner was ready!

It seemed for a quite a long time they hadn’t had any steamed rice, It smelled so good! There were soup, vegetables and twice-cooked pork, the famous Sz Chwan dish.

For Syau Wen, Yu Wen mixed steamed rice with some small pieces of pork , some juice from every dish. It was so delicious!

“Yammy! mammy! Yammy!” There were rice all over Syau Wen’s nose and face!

Dz Yun appeared at the doorway, he heard what Syau Wen had just said and saw her with a funny looking face. But she looked so lovely!

“Syau Wen, what’s so delicious? Ah? Look at you! You even eat with your nose and cheeks!” Dz Yun said his daughter.

“Rou-rou(baby’s talking for Meat in Chinese.)!, rou-rou yammy!”Syau Wen pointing at the dish on the table.

Dz Yun was happy too. Because he hadn’t had any meat for quite a while.

“Well! So we have a Sumptuous meal today, right? That’s wonderful!” Dz Yuen cheered!

Yu Wen handed over a big bowl of rice for Dz Yun with a sweet smile. And said: “You must be very tired and hungry, hurry up and eat before it gets cold.”

Dz Yun, a typical man. He had never thinking of to ask Yu Wen where those food came from.

While Yu Wen was cleaning the table, she found out that Dz Yun didn’t really eat much of the second-cooked pork. She understood it’s because that Dz Yun meant to save some for tomorrow for the whole family.

When Yu Wen looking back the life she had at her mother home and now, they were so different. She never cooked, had never washed any clothing, not even make her only tea. But the live she is in now, the warmth and hope filled her heart. No more tears! She believe that everything will be getting better.

—C-2 Renew a sweet experience of bygone days is on the way—



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