Christmas Wreath –Chinese Knotting–


As I said: “I love Handicrafts.”  I really enjoy working on them!

Knotting is one of them. After the stroke, I use cork board, pins, forceps as my third hand. Some times even my teeth as well! When I sit in front of the cork board, when I look at those pins and tweezers,  my mind, my heart are with  it. Nothing else, but “What am I going to make today?” And the time flies fast, one hour like a moment.

Last Christmas I made some Christmas wreaths to bring my love and Christmas blessings to my relatives and friends.


11 thoughts on “Christmas Wreath –Chinese Knotting–

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    • Thank you Pamela!I don’t think if I am talented, but interest push me to work on it. The happiness of enjoying the working and to see the finished piece means something to me to!

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