Everlasting Blossoms

C-4 The Ladle Head  – -part 1- – 

One of Mr. Lyan’s sister lived close by. Her husband’s surname was Byan who was a Manchurian lord. Their only son, Byan Shu Syun, was a little younger than Yu Wen. Mrs. Byan loved Yu Wen so dearly. Very often invited Yu Wen to visit them. This younger cousin of Yu Wen loved Yu Wen as much as his beloved older sister.

The alter in Byan’s main room was decorated a little differently. At the center of the alter instead of a tablet with the name of the deceased ancestors, there was a ladle. Yu Wen always wondering why don’t they do the same way as the Hans? Why uncle Byan’s ancestor was a ladle that could be used as for picking up water? Wong Ma told her that was called “Ladle Head Black bean Eyes”! Why? Yu Wen was very curious about it. Wong Ma also told her that Mrs. Lyan was a Manchurian princesses all right, but she married to westernized husband who doesn’t think it is necessary to do so.

Therefore every time when Yu Wen visited her aunt, she always looked at the alter curiously. Wished that if she could somehow to get on to the alter to have a good close look at the “Ladle Head Black bean Eyes”.

There was a chance for her one day! Her uncle was not home. Her aunt was in her room working on her needle work. Yu Wen and her cousin were lingering in the main room. Because Yu Wen was a little bit older then Shu Syun, she always acted as a commander to her cousin. Shu Syun had no other siblings, he loved this commander and cousin as well as his elder sister. Whatever Yu Wen told him to do, he always do so. Now Yu Wen grabed this good opportunity. She told Shu Syun that she wanted to climb up to the alter. Asking him to help her to move the chair closer to the alter.

“What? Climb up to the alter? If my dad knows it I’ll get in big trouble.”Shu Syun whispered to his commander.

“OK! I’ll do it myself.”Yu Wen began to push the chair as she was saying.

All the furniture in this main room were made of sandalwood. They were very heavy. That chair was too heavy for a little child like Yu Wen. Her poor little follower couldn’t stop her. Helplessly he joint her. When the chair was close enough for YU Wen, quickly she climbed up and stood up in the chair. The alter was too high for her. She tiptoed on her feet, but all she could see was only a part of the of the ladle . That was not enough to satisfy her curiosity. She lean her body onto the alter. She thought she could climb up to the alter so she could stand up and see the whole thing. But before she knew it her feet followed her body and left the chair behind. There was no spot for her to land her feet on for her to move upward. The next thing Yu Wen notice was her legs were dangling in the air!