Everlasting Blossoms

C4. The Ladle Head  —part two

“Oh! My goodness! Oh! My good heavens! You’ll fall off from up there. What am I going to do? You may be killed if you fall down to the ground. Please come down. Please, I beg you, My sweet, sweet sister! My queen! My chief commander…..” Shu Syun cried out frighteningly.

“OK! OK! I’m trying. Don’t you see I’m trying. But…. where did the chair go?”Yu Wen shouted back with her loudest.. It seemed that the alter growing higher after YU Wen leaned on it. And the chair ran away… It wasn’t very easy for Yu Wen to lean on to the alter, and now it seemed there were ten feet farther from the chair than before. The chaotic noise disturbed Mrs. Byan from her needle work. She stepped out of her room and saw this funny sight!

“Well, well, my little monkey niece! What’s all this big commotion?”

Her son tried to protect himself and said: “My sister wanted to see the Ladle head Black Bean Eye, I told her not to. But she insisted.”

“En! I can see that!” She walked to Yu Wen and picked her up. She held Yu Wen up high as close as she could to the Ladle head Black Bean Eye. And said: “How is that? Is this close enough for you to have a good look at it?”

“Wow! It is true! It is a ladle. Hey! there are really two black beans on it too!”Yu Wen exclaimed with excitement! “But………….. how come that uncle’s ancestor is a ladle?”

“No! That was not quite right.”Mrs. Byan laughed. She continued: “It was told among us that our ancestor Nurhaci was killed on the battle field. People could not find his body but they found his head only. Therefore his coming generations use a ladle instead of enshrine and honor him.”

What so ever her aunt said sounded reasonable to her. But at school Yu Wen learned in the history that Nurhaci’s death was because of the illness. Which one is truth? It’s hard to tell. Any way her uncle was a descendant of Nurhaci Ai-xin-jue-luo. Nurhaci was the first emperor of Ching. Ai-xin-jue-luo was the emperor’s surname. But why did they use black beans for eyes? Yu Wen had never did any further research.

—C-5 Marriage-Important event in Yu Wen’s life is on it’s way—