Everlasting Blossoms

C-5 Marriage-Important event in Yu Wen’s life: –Part two–

Among the young men who proposed for marriage, Mrs. Lyan celected one, Mr. Dzo Yau Dzung. His father died when he was a little boy. He was the only child of his widowed mother. Dzo Yau Dzung was a nice young man, smart and gentle. But his widowed mother was something else. Everytime when Mrs. Dzo visiting, Yu Wen ‘s mother would purposely arranged some chances for Yu Wen to be with the guests.

It was not that Yu Wen wanted to disobedient her mother, it’s because of this Mrs. Dzo. Yu Wen could never forget the very first time when Yu Wen met Mrs Dzo. She looked at Yu Wen , but Yu Wen wasn’t sure if Mrs Dzo had looked at her face at all. She felt that Mrs. Dzou’s eye sight quickly dropped down to her feet then slowly moved upwards to her dress. Then skipped her face and landed on her hair. It seemed that Mrs. Dzo first was exam the size of her feet. Then to check if her dress was properly wore. Then to see what kind of jewelry Yu Wen wore in her hair. Yu Wen got goose bumps all over her while Mrs. Dzo’s sights moving up and down on her. But that was not all!

Every time when Mrs Dzo came to visit them, she brought her royal power and prestige with her, gave orders to every worker at Lyan’s residence. Told this one to do this and that one to do that with a rather Her Highness manner. Mrs. Dzo always wore a black long gown. Her gray hair combed up high to the back of her head and ended up with a bun and a piece of jade stick in the bun. Yu Wen was thinking if she wanted to embroider a Chinese style stepmother for Snow White, Mrs. Dzo could be the best model. Yu Wen thought: “Whoever being a daught-in-law to Mrs.Dzo, will ends up to hang herself to death.”

Wong Ma worried and thinking to herself:”Mrs. Dzo was a widow ever since she was young. Mr Dzo is her only child. Mr. Dzo is a good young man all right, but as a window mother who has only one son, would she be a good mother-in-law? Nice to her daughter-in-law? Would she think that her daughter-in-law will get all the attentions from her son. take her only son away from her?”

Yu Wen said to Wong Ma: “You know what epoch is it now, Mrs. Dzo still acted as a royal madam. Even when she is visiting us she acts like as if she were at home.” She continued:”I had a high school classmate. Married to a nice young man under the commitments of both sides’ parents. Her husband loved her dearly, behind him, his mother abused her with all her best. My schoolmate didn’t want her husband to know what was going on. One day when her endurance was over the limitation, she hung herself and died.”

But Yu Wen hadn’t ever even dreamed of that one day her own mother was planning to have her to married to Dzo Yau Dzung.

One day Wong Ma heard that the Dzo’s family will sent someone to come to Propose the marriage!

Wang Ma knew that her lady was not very fond of Mrs. Dzo. She knew also that Yu Wen had some good impressions with ” Young Idiot”. If she really going to have Mrs Dzo to be her mother-in-law, what kind of life her poor lady is going to have.


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