Everlasting Blossoms C-5 Marriage-Important event in Yu Wen’s life: –Part four–


Mrs. Lyan took her husband’s advise and broke off the engagement, but she was enraged. No one knows her daughter more than a mother. She knew that this girl is interested in that Young Idiot. She knew how much her husband loved their daughter. If she insist the marriage, it would lacerate the harmony of the relationship between she and her husband. And also give other people a chance to make up stories. Therefore she was calm on the surface but really was planning something, a plan was simmer in the dark.

For his job necessity, Mr lyan often traveled back and forth from Pei-king and Tian-Jing. Once he decided to take the whole family with him. Even with the servants and the cook to go to TyanJing to stay there for a while.

Dz Yun was a poor student in Pei-King. He couldn’t afford to travel too often. One of Lyan’s long term young worker voluntarily to be the messenger to pass their love letters from each other. Actually nothing could be hide from Mrs. Lyan. She concerned about a good life of her daughter’s, she should not allow Yu Wen to marry to that impoverished student.

The best way Mrs Lyan could think of was to hire some thugs to give that Young Idiot a good lesson. So that he will leave her daughter alone,. Mrs. Lyan made up her mind, without let anybody know in the family, she hired some thugs to deceive Dz Yun to one of the old deserted coal mine in Tang-Shan, Tian-Jing where no one would be around. But nothing could be hide unless it was never happened! The terrible news came to that young messenger. He was a very loyal long term worker at Lyan family. He came to Lyan’s home as an orphan when he was six years old. Yu Wen was very nice to him. She always helped him specially with money in his time of need. He told Yu Wen what he’ve heard at the very first day.

Quickly Yu Wen ran to her father for help. She told her father that someone will used her name to cajole Ho Dz Yun to one of the deserted coal mine at Tang-Shan. Over there, they will teach Dz Yun a good lesson to let him know that he should never see Yu Wen again.

Mr. Lyan understood what is going on. Nothing he need to ask. He contemplate how could he get to Tang-Shan as soon as possible? There are around 100 kilometer from Tyan-Jing to Tang-Shan, the fastest horse will take at least a day and half to get there. That would too late!

Suddenly Mr. Lyan remembered that he bought a motorbike from one of the * Bei-Yang warlords*. He had never had a chance to try it yet. Now it the right time! He told his adjutant to fill it up with gas and bring it over to him. He was worried about how to ride on it. But when he saw it all the worries were released. It look a bicycle! The only thing that a bike doesn’t have was the engine, a one wheel box-car attached to it’s side, you can put something in it or have one person sitting in it.

* Bei-Yang warlords* – There were many warlords in China at the first years after the Republic of China was established. It looked like those warlords obey the orders that was given by the new government, but in fact the government was controlled by the warlords. Each warlord occupied a piece of land with their own armed forces.

— To be continued —


C-5 Marriage-Important event in Yu Wen’s life: –Part three–Everlasting Blossoms

Wong Ma was sitting in Yu Wen’s bed while she was thinking of these, her tears ran down her checks and cried with a broken heart. Yu Wen came in at that moment. She was taught that a lady should always walk quietly. Therefore when Yu Wen came in, Wang Ma didn’t notice it at all until Yu Wen taped on her shoulder gently.

“Wong Ma, what had happen to you?” Even Yu Wen’s voice was very soft Wong Ma was startled. She wiped off her tears and said: “No! Nothing, nothing.”

“Tell me, Wong Ma, who bullied at you? Was it my mother?”Yu Wen asked her.

Wong Ma was a very honest person she could never lie but tell the truth.

Yu Wen heard that the Dzo’s will sent someone to come to propose for marriage, she was very worried. What was she going to do? If she really going to marry to Mr. Dzo, what kind of life will be for her? But she was not panic.

“What am I going to do?”Yu Wen calmly asked herself. 「I must let my parents know that I don’t want to marry Mr. Dzo.” She dared not to go to her mother, she knew her mother would not support her at all. She could only go to her father.

After she made up her mind, Yu Wen walked into her father’s workshop.

 Mr. Lyan wore a single lens magnifying glass on one of his eye, concentrated in carving a stone seal. Yu Wen didn’t want to surprise her father with a sudden drop in. It might cause a slip of his carving blade which may cut her father’s fingers. So she softly said: “Pa!’

Mr. Lyan raised up his head looked at Yu Wen. The magnifying glass dropped off his eye and landed to the floor. Quickly Yu Wen picked it up and handed it back to her father. Then Yu Wen acted like a spoiled little child, rocking her father’s shoulders with both hands, and said: “Pa! pa! I don’t want to marry to the Dzo’s. Each time when Mrs. Dzo came to visit us she always looked at me from the top of my head down to my feet which makes my spine tickled and numb. It will drive me nuts if I have to live with her for the rest of my life.” Tears began to pouring down from her eyes.

“Wait a minute my silly child!” Mr. Lyan laughed.”Who said you are going to marry to the Dzo’s? How come I’ve never heard of it?”

Yu Wen grabbed the chance and said:”Wong Ma told me that one of Dzo’s servants, Chwen-Mei said that her mistress will sent someone to come to proposed for the marriage.”

“Is that right? I’ll find out what’s going.” Mr. Lyan became serious. “But…..after all, this Dzo Yau Dzung is a nice young man.”

“No! No! Pa! I would rather die to marry to the Dzo’s.”Yu Wen cried harder and harder.

“My good child! Don’t cry, don’t cry. We’ll see until I find out what’s going on fist. All right?”

After Mr.Lyan talked with his wife, he got the whole picture. He opposed it firmly, because their daughter is still too young to be married. It should be wait for a couple more years latter.

It seemed that Mrs. Lyan in charge of everything at Lyan’s house. But the most important matters, Mr. Lyan’s decision was always be honored and respected. Thus it came as a heavy storm but ended up with a few small little rain drops.

— To br continued —