C-5 Marriage-Important event in Yu Wen’s life: –Part five– Everlasting Blossoms


Mr. Lyan mounted on the bike and started the engine, the bike roared and dashed forward to it’s destination.

That was one of the hottest day in summer. Even the motorbike was much faster than a horse, but running under the burning sunlight, you could get a sun stroke. Yu Wen was very worried that how much heat her father could endure? This is the first time her father ever ride on a motorbike, could he manage it? The long hours of riding would it cause her father fatigue? could her father make it on time before the party started?

Next day at noon, about 24 hours latter from yesterday, Mr. Lyan came home. The very first words he said was: “My daughter, I saw Ho Dz Yun, he is OK! I had a long conversation with him and understood that he loves you. I was thinking since you cared about Ho Dz Yun’s safty that much, Ho Dz Yun loves you. Why don’t have him to be my son-in-law? That will safe all the trouble in the future. And Ho Dz Yun promised that he’ll take good care of you all his life with all his heart. That was all I waited for him to tell me. So I told him to select a good date and then come to our house to propose for the engagement.” Mr. Lyan said all these without any break. Then he took his pocket watch out from the pocket and handed to Yu Wen and said:”Touch it, my child!”

Yu Wen didn’t sleep the whole night last night, she was still half sleeping. Now her father came home safely with this sudden good news. It was just too much for her to take them at the same time. She was not in her senses yet. She didn’t understood why her father asked her to touch his pocket watch. Senselessly she stretched out her hand to hold the watch.

“Oh! How come it’s so hot?” The pocket watch dropped down from Yu ‘s hand. It was too hot for her to hold. As hot as a piece of burning rock! Fortunately the watch was chinned to her father’s pocket otherwise it would dropped on the floor and could be broken.

“It’s so hot outside, not as cool as in the room with big chunk of ice and fan. Wong Ma, give me a big cup of water with some crushed ice.”

Now Yu Wen was totally wide awaken! Her father loves her so he loves Dz Yun as well. To ward off regret of being late , her father rode on the motorbike without any stop, even at night in order to have enough time to stop the incident. And to relieve the anxiety off his beloved daughter, again with a nonstop riding on the motorbike he came home under the burning sun. If the pocket watch could be that hot, as hot as a burning rock, what would be for a human being? She burst out in tears. Speechless she grabbed a piece of towel wipe off the sweat from her father’s face and neck. With a fan she fanned all over on her father. In her heart she prayed:”Thank God, everyone is safe and well.”

But to Mrs. Lyan, after she heard what her husband had told her, her whole being was blowout and fainted kept unconscious for a whole day……..

— To br continued —