Thanks for your support

I was thrilled 151023_0000


I was thrilled when I received this notice!

Your kind supports  sustain me to move on. I’ll do my best to meet your interests.

Since I’m a first time writer to edit a book, there are a whole lot to learn . I’ll  appreciate any kind of comments. From your comments I can learn about how to edit the story more readable. The mine idea to write “Everlasting Blossoms” is to let people to know once there was a woman who was pure, full of love: she love nature, love the people around her. With the flowers she crocheted shows her philosophy of life. How was she led into the art of needle works. Why was the first rose crocheted.  And her last wish was let people know how to crochet flowers and butterflies with easy steps.  You can crochet your own unique  flowers and butterflies. Thus you can keep the beautiful spring at your house as long as you want to.


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