C-7 Visiting Dz Yun’s Parents–part two–

Not long after they waited, a young man pushing a three wheel barrow with a white fair old lady sitting on one side and some luggage on the other side. The old lady was blowing her nose and crying, and mumbling over and over: “Oh my good heavens! Where can we find it? It’s all my fault, I didn’t even notice that when and where I lost it.”

Dz Yun knew these must be the owners. He walked over to meet them and asked: “Did you lost something?”

“Yes! It was all my fault, I dropped a small bundle somewhere.”

“Ma-Ma! Don’t cry now! We found a small bundle. But first of all, could you tell me what was in the bundle? ”

The old lady said:”There are two shirts, one was patched with a piece of black cloth, there are 17 pieces of silver coins and two Yin Pyaus.”

Dz Yun wanted to relief the poor old lady’s worries, he quickly handed the bundle over to the young man and said:”OK! OK!  Please check and see if there is any thing missing.” The young man got the bundle and opened it. Everything was there. He took those 17 pieces of silver coins out and handed to Dz Yun for thanking him for his kindness. But both Dz Yun and Yu Wen said together:”No! No! But thank you. We will not accept anything. You ‘d better hurry up and get on your way with your mom.”

Released from the burden Dz Yun and Yu Wen were delighted to pick up their tour again.

As they were walking, Yu Wen saw a young lady with a baby in her arms. There was circled straw stuck in the baby’s cloth. In the early days when days were difficult, if someone wanted to sale him/herself, would stuck a circled straw in their hair as a mark to tell people they need money urgently, wanted to sale themselves .

A white haired old man sitting against one of the pillars. With his head bowed down so low. His head was almost touching the ground between his knees. Sobbing but hardly be heard.

The young lady said :”Dad! Don’t cry, please Let’s think it this way, Dad. This child may be will have a good live. The one who take him may be a very nice person, rich and kind. It would be far better than stay with us to live in such in impoverished life. After we find Chyang(her hunband) everything will settled down, you’ll have another corpulent grandchild. Aren’t you so anxious to see you son? From here to Bou-Ding there is still quite a long way to go. How can I assist you while a baby in my arms. Besides if there is anything happened to you, what am I going to say to Chyang? He will definitely divorce me.”

Yu Wen understood by now that was a daughter-in-law rather gave up her own child because of taking care of her father-in-law. Tears running down from her cheeks. There were only two pieces of *silver coins* in her pocket. Without a second thought, she handed them out and gave to that lady. The lady thought that Yu Wen was going to buy her son. She accepted the money and handed her precious baby to Yu Wen with a heart-broken looking on her face.

“No! No! The money is for you! I have a child, can’t you see.”

But the lady said:”How could that be, that doesn’t sound right. I can’t accept your money for nothing. Besides I have to give this child to someone anyway in order to make me easier on the trip. I’m sure if he will be with you, he will enjoy a life in comfort and happiness.”

Dz Yun came to help Yu Wen to get out of the predicament and said:”We really can’t afford to raise two children. Please accept these money. This nice looking little boy will have good fortune. You just stay here and wait, I’m sure that there will be someone would love to have him. We have to be one our way now.”

*silver coin* In those days, one piece of pure silver coin could be enough to buy two weeks daily bread of two people.

–To be continued–


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      1. Thank you! Maria.
        Actually I do hope that someday it will be put on the bookshelf. It’s a book of my mother’s life story. I need your feedback to improve my writing.


  1. I’m Syau Wen in the story, Dz Yun was my father, Yu Wen was my mother. They are in heaven now.
    The story was happened in China . The last part of the story was in Taiwan. I came to the States 33 years ago.
    Thank you for interest in my story With your help it will make a difference!

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  2. Ahhh, so you are Syau Wen… fascinating! You’re writing this with such love and I wish there was some way I could help you move toward your publishing goal… One thing I’d suggest is to make a graphic image portraying this tale. Then that image could be linked to the beginning of your story and shared across social media! 🙂 ♥ ❤

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