C-7 Visiting Dz Yun’s Parents–part one–

–Everlasting Blossoms–

Syau Wen was about two years old, but Yu Wen hadn’t had any chance to meet her Mother-in-law yet. Usually at the wedding ceremony, both parents from the two parties should be presented. But Dz Yun ‘s second younger brother got married at the same time of when Dz Yun’s wedding was taking place. Since Dz Yun was the oldest son in the family, his father came to hold his marriage ceremony and his mother stayed home to hold his brother’s wedding ceremony. After that the war with Japan occurred. Most of the northern parts of China were taken by the Japanese. And disorderliness everywhere! Dz Yun received lesser and lesser messages from back home. He was worried and would like to visit his hometown to see his parents.

With Syau Wen they took some simple luggage started their journey to Ho-Nan. They decided to walk to the train station. Not only they could save the Rickshaws fee, they can walk across the Lu-Gou Bridge enjoy the beauty of the Architecture. The bridge was built in 1189, long 266.5 feet, width 7.5feet, 11 culverts. 140 stone carved pillars. There is a stone carved lion on top of the pillar. They all look different from each other. Some are sitting, while the others are resting on it four legs. Some lie prone. Some holding a cub, Some carrying a cub on it’s back. The structure itself is a piece of art. Especially those stone carved lions. They had never had a chance to see the whole view yet.

While Yu Wen and Dz Yun were walking on the bridge, Yu Wen saw a cloth bundle laid on the way. “Who left it here?” she wondered and picket it up.  She found some old clothes in it. Some one dollar silver coins and two hand writhing money tickets, “Yin Pyau” with a big amount written on it. It tells people that someone had sold all his property and exchange the money into this written ticket which would be easier to carry for the journey. It must belong to a refugee. It’s all his possessions. Dz Yun and Yu Wen decided to hold on to it and stay where they found it and await for the owner to come back for it.

–to be continued–


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