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C-7 Visiting Dz Yun’s Parents–part three–

Dz Yun tried to comfort Yu Wen while they were walking, he said to her: “My sweet pal, you are not strong enough to take care of two babies at same time. One Syau Wen is enough to keep you busy. If add another one your health will break down. Then what am I going to do? You’ve given them some money already, I know that was not too much, I wish I could give them some more, but the money we have are barely enough for us to get home. Otherwise I would give them some more.”

Yu Wen just couldn’t hold her tears. Without saying anything, quietly she followed Dz Yun stepped into the train.

There is a very popular “Flower Drum Song”. It tells what kind of life the people have at that period of bed time:

 “Talking about Feng-Yang,

It was a very nice place.

But ever since there was Emperor Chu,

Nine years famines out of ten.

 Dung dyi lung dung chyang, dung dyi lung dung chyang, dung chyang dung chyang dung chyang.—–(drum rhythm)

The rich ones sold their properties.

The poor ones sold their children,

I have nothing for sale,

Carrying my flower drum singing everywhere.

Dung dyi lung dung chyang, dung dyi lung dung chyang, dung chyang dung chyang dung dung chyang. .—–(drum rhythm)

The earth covered with snow,

A girl huddled her mother under the falling roof.

Tasted of all kinds of earthly bitterness and sweetness.

Cold and hungry with tearful eyes.

Dung dyi lung dung chyang, dung dyi lung dung chyang, dung chyang dung chyang dung dung chyang. .—–(drum rhythm)

Melons are ready for harvest,

my shabby skirt can hide some for me.

Mountains and rivers where is the end of the road?

When am I be able to make it home?

Dung dyi lung dung chyang, dung dyi lung dung chyang, dung chyang dung chyang dung dung chyang.—–(drum rhythm)”

Dz yun’s home town was in Ji Syan, Ho Nan province. During Ming and Ching Dynasties , it was named Wei Hwei Fu, Now it is Wei Hwei City. It is located at the northern part of Ho Nan Province, on the northern bank of Yellow River. It is on a terrain higher than the other cities along the Yellow River. Rarely flooded by the Yellow River. The fertile land can grow many different kind of crops.

Ji Syan can be linked by river and road to various parts of the country. It is an important collecting and distributing center of merchandise.

Most of the inhabitants of Ji Syan were farmers and many were scholarly families.

There were many clans in Ji Syan. There usually several surname in each clan. But the Ho’s clan there is only one Ho as surname with many individual Ho families.. Dz Yu’s family was one of the biggest. There were closely to one hundred people in the family. Possessed around three hundred Ares farmland. They plant wheat, corn, peanut and sesame. At harvest time, they have to ring the big hanging bell to call the people from the fields for meals.

Dz Yun’s father, Mr. Ho Jya Ang(Ho Ho Ping-his pen name), was a retired principle of Ho Nan Kai Feng Agricultural High School. His specialty was writing calligraphy by holding the Chinese brush with his mouth. He could write beautiful calligraphy in four different styles. The large ones could be about half a square feet. The smallest could be as small as half a square inch. His writings were highly praised and appreciated. Some of his writings are collected in today’s” Modern Chinese Calligraphy Dictionary” which was published 2009 by Je jyan People Publisher in China. Untitled