C-7 Visiting Dz Yun’s Parents–part five–

With his hand, Mr. Ho dipped the brush pen in the ink tray and make sure if the ink on the brush was evenly absorbed. He brushed a little on the tissue paper to see if the ink was well ground. After Mr. Ho was satisfied with everything, he then put the end of the brush pen into his mouth and holding it with his teeth begin to write. His head moved up and down or turned left and right with each stroke he wrote on the white damask. And his body swung with his head too. That looked so funny to Yu Wen. She had never had watched anything the same in her whole life! After each word was written, Dz Yun on the other end of the table would pulled the white damask evenly toward him to the edge of the table. Then along the edge, Dz Yuen pull the white damask downward slowly. Yu Wen opened her eyes wider and wider, because first she saw Dz Yun was standing, then bent down his knees, then slowly squat down, and then he sat on the floor. The whole sight looked so dramatically funny to Yu Wen! She wanted to laugh. But that would be very impolite to laugh out loud in front of her father-in-law. She swallowed her laughter and hold it hard. But when she saw her dear husband pulling the white damask down to his laps, and slowly Dz Yun with the white damask moved under the table and slide down on the floor. Finally he lied down on the floor under the table but still holding the white damask even and flat. The laughing gas made her ribs dancing in side her. she just couldn’t hold any longer. She had to escape from this room to somewhere to dump the laughing gas out. Otherwise her stomach will be exploded. Next thing Yu Wen knew was she bumped into Dz Yun’s younger brother, who married at the same day as Yu Wen, in the door way. Both of them exclaimed! “Oh!….” She didn’t even have time to make an apology, she ran into her room and lock the door and starting to laugh. She was laughing even when she was telling that story to her children in the later days.

Later Dz Yun told Yu Wen; when Yu Wen bumped into his brother, spontaneously together they cried: “Oh!”. That surprising “Oh!”was not too loud but loud enough to distract both Dz Yun and his father from their work. Mr. Ho’s brush pen accidentally brushed out a long tail on the last word that he was writing. Mr. Ho looked at the doorway, didn’t say anything but cleared his throat with some dry coughs. Then he told his son to get another piece of white damask and started the work all over again.

–to be continued–

C-7 Visiting Dz Yun’s Parents–part four–

Yu Wen was a little worried about her first impression to her mother-in-law. She had heard that Dz Yun mentioned many times that his mother was a traditional Chinese lady. Yu Wen’s hair style may not be passed. She had perm hair ever since she was married. Most of the country ladies, those unmarried ones were braided their hair. The married ones make their hair in a bun. But with these curvy hair?

“I should have my hair straightened, but it’s too late now! Wong Ma had never taught me how to comb my hair into a bun? ”

When they entered Ji Syan, Yu Wen’s heart pumped faster.

The Ho family was Hans. They are not as the Manchurians with so many unnecessary and over etiquette. The most formal etiquette for Hans is to kowtow. That Yu Wen knew how to do it. The Lyan family were buddhist, they kowtow when honor their ancestry around Chinese New Year. The first time when Yu Wen met both Mr. and Mrs. Ho, she kowtowed. Yu Wen’s graceful bearings gave her parents-in-law a good impressions.

The hair style that Yu Wen concerned so much, for Mrs. Ho she thought that was beautiful! She said:”My child’s hair was so soft and fine, especially those curves look like a lamb!” From the very first time they met, Mrs. Ho never called Yu Wen by her name or daughter-in-law, but always call her “my child”.

For most parents or grandparents wish that their first child or grandchild be a boy. Syau Wen was a girl. Mrs. Ho wasn’t care at all. She loved to carried Syau Wen wandering around the neighborhood. She always wrapped Syau Wen in her sleeveless jacket to keep Syau Wen warm. Also she told her only daughter to make an undergarment for protecting Syau Wen’s abdomen, The undergarment was embroidered with a fat baby sitting on a lotus flower picking lotus seeds. Which means to wish Syau Wen good health and hopefully Syau Wen will bring many children to this family.

The love that Yu Wen received from her mother-in-law was more than her own mother. It was a pity the Yu Wen only stayed with her mother-in-law for s short period of time. Yu Wen had never had a chance to see her again. Fortunately Yu Wen brought a picture of Mrs. Ho from home, which she treasured so much.

It was an 1 inch picture. Too small for Yu Wen to hang it on the wall. One of Dz Yun’s friend used that one inch picture as a specimen and painted a 16″ x 20″ large one. Yu Wen hung it on the wall next to her bed, so she could see her mother-in-law every day.

This painting was with Yu Wen all the way from mainland Chins to Taiwan. It was always hanging on the wall next to her bed. She told many of her storied to her children. Her beloved mother-in-law was in one of them.

While they were at Dz Yun’s hometown, Yu Wen had a chance to watch her father-in-law writing with his mouth. That was quite an experience!

One of the Ho’s neighbors asked Mr. Ho to write funeral scrolls for him. Yu Wen helped Dz Yun to get everything ready for Mr. Ho. They spread a piece of long white damask on the big table. One end was placed in the middle of the table. The other end hanging down from the edge on the opposite side of the table. They put brush pen and well ground ink at the right side close to the damask and a piece of tissue paper. When everything is ready, Dz Yun went into his father’s room to ask him to come out to write.

–To be continued–