C-8 Air-Raid Alarm –Part one–

After Dz Yun and his wife left Ji Syan, they were thinking about to go back to Pei-King. But it was said the Japanese had occupied the northern part of China. To avoid the chaos caused by the war, they changed their plan. Instead of going back to Pei-King they were going to Sz-Chwan.

Dz-Yun was interested in wireless. He bought many reference books to study on his own, and learned a lot from them. Due to his knowledge in the field of wireless he got a job as a wireless maintenance personnel at the Salt Bureau in Wan-Syan, Sz-Chwan. Salt Bureau was one of the government organization. The government of China decided to move the Salt Bureau to Wu-Tung-Chwau(a well salt production city in Sz-Chwan).

There was one month vacation before the Appointed date for Dz Yun’s new job. All the workers of Salt Bureau received one month bonus salary along with extra allowance for their expenses to move to Wu-Tung-Chyau. The allowance Dz Yun got was more than enough for their expenses to travel to Wu-Tung-Chyau. They decided to go to a restaurant for a little celebration for the ending of job hunting and for their promising future.

Wan-Syan was a small county located on the northern bank of Young-Dz River. The inhabitants were honest, kind and simple. Every first day and the fifteenth day of the month, there would be a market hold on the county center plaza. People from near-by towns gathered at the plaza for either selling or shopping.

That was a beautiful find day. There were all kinds of business at the plaza: from articles of daily supplies to farm animals, such chicken, cows, pigs etc. The plaza was crowded with people, businesses and animals.

Young men talking to each other about those young ladies who were bargaining with the cloth store owner. They judge which was the most beautiful one. Some of the girls there kept an eye on those young men. From time to time, they may smile back at them! A little boy holding his father’s hand tightly, looking at a big fat pig. A mother sat on a piece of rock milking her baby. A middle aged man calling out loud telling people what a hard working and obedient cow he had for sale. One mother was chasing after her naughty boy who was wondering among those booths.

Suddenly the air raid siren ran off. “Woo————————– Woo——————————“.

Usually the people in Wan-Syan would just watching those air-plains with a red sun on their wings flew by. They would count and guess how many plains may flew by and how many would flew back. The Chinese government had put out all kinds notices and pictures on the bulletin board in every city and town, to tell people how terrible it had happened to some places which were bombed by the enemy’s plain, People should get into the shelters when they hear the siren. If the emergency siren run off, all the people should already in the bomb shelters. Otherwise they could be seriously wounded even may lost their lives. Those pictures showing how horrible those victims looked like. But the people in Wan-Syan would never worried about it. It seemed those Japanese plain would never be interested in Wan-Syan.

–to be continued–


C-7 Visiting Dz Yun’s Parents–part six–

Early when Yu Wen first met Dz Yun, she found out that Dz Yun could not pronounce “jr, chr, shr”but “dz,t’s,s”, even “r” sounded weard. She always teasing Dz Yun and said that Dz Yun was too lazy to curl up his tongue upward when he was saying those sounds. But when they came to Dz Yun’s hometown, Yu Wen realized that almost everybody in Ho Nan couldn’t say “jr, chr, shr, r”!

Another interesting discovery; In  Mmandarian many nouns ending with “dz”s. Such as: kwai-dz(chopsticks), shau-dz(spoon), dzwo-dz(table),yi-dz(chair)etc. All these “dz”endings the folks of HoNan say “de”.

There was Ho Nan folk song that amused You Wen the most! , It’s about a young lady was asking her older sister-in-laws to take her to the famous lantern show in Young-Jou. All the “dz” words in the song were “de”s. Each time when she sing the songs, she would like to act like that young lady in the song. All the Han ladies started to bind their feet when they were five or six years old. Some were even younger. So their feet were very small shaped like small pyramids with a pointed toe. Those small pyramid feet couldn’t hold the lady’s body steady and hard to manage their balance. So they wobbled when they walk and sometimes walk few steps forward may went backwards a step or so. Yu Wen’s feet were natural grown with normal sides and walked stably. So she kept her toes upwards and walked on her heels. Her arms automatically swung from left and right and walking forwards and \da. Yu Wen looked so cute and funny when she was singing and acting that song. It always make people laugh.


–” c8. Air Raid” is on it’s way–