C-7 Visiting Dz Yun’s Parents–part six–

Early when Yu Wen first met Dz Yun, she found out that Dz Yun could not pronounce “jr, chr, shr”but “dz,t’s,s”, even “r” sounded weard. She always teasing Dz Yun and said that Dz Yun was too lazy to curl up his tongue upward when he was saying those sounds. But when they came to Dz Yun’s hometown, Yu Wen realized that almost everybody in Ho Nan couldn’t say “jr, chr, shr, r”!

Another interesting discovery; In  Mmandarian many nouns ending with “dz”s. Such as: kwai-dz(chopsticks), shau-dz(spoon), dzwo-dz(table),yi-dz(chair)etc. All these “dz”endings the folks of HoNan say “de”.

There was Ho Nan folk song that amused You Wen the most! , It’s about a young lady was asking her older sister-in-laws to take her to the famous lantern show in Young-Jou. All the “dz” words in the song were “de”s. Each time when she sing the songs, she would like to act like that young lady in the song. All the Han ladies started to bind their feet when they were five or six years old. Some were even younger. So their feet were very small shaped like small pyramids with a pointed toe. Those small pyramid feet couldn’t hold the lady’s body steady and hard to manage their balance. So they wobbled when they walk and sometimes walk few steps forward may went backwards a step or so. Yu Wen’s feet were natural grown with normal sides and walked stably. So she kept her toes upwards and walked on her heels. Her arms automatically swung from left and right and walking forwards and \da. Yu Wen looked so cute and funny when she was singing and acting that song. It always make people laugh.


–” c8. Air Raid” is on it’s way–



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