C-8 Air-Raid Alarm –Part two–

“Woo—Woo—Woo—Woo—Woo” Emergency siren! This was very unusual! This kind of siren the people in Wan-Syan had never experienced before. But they knew what could be happened next. They were shocked and started getting panic.

There was such a chaos at the market. People tearing down their booth, collecting their goods.Many items were dropped on the ground untended. Dogs barking, Chicken jumped out of their pens crowing and flying over everywhere, people were running towards the bomb shelter, shouting and crying.

When Dz Yun heard the energency air-raid alarm ran, quickle picked up Syau Wen and put her on his back, Yu wen was carrying their two month old second baby girl on her back ever since they left home this morning. She hold Dz Yun’s hand. Together they run to the cave close by which was located at the “bagger’s rocky “. They didn’t even get a chance to sit down after Dz Yun put Syau Wen down, people poured in. Bombs started dropping down from the sky while there were still so many people outside running toward the Bagger’s cave. The bombs dropped like rain drops. Some were dropped on the rock above the cave. They sounded terribly lound. Dz Yun told Yu Wen and Syau Wen to pock their fingers into their ears and open their mouth wide. Yu Wen near sighted eyes saw things dropped down from the air and brought objects up flying into the air. She couldn’t tell what were they. But she could see some house roofs jumped up and down, ashes flying everywhere. They didn’t know for how long they’ve being standing in the cave. Finally bombing stopped. The roaring of the air planes faded away. The whole world quiet down. There were only heavy breathings could be heard in the cave.

After a long period of quietness, people started to move, Slowly they walked out of the cave. Before they walked out, Dz Yun was going to put Syau Wen on his back, he found that Syau Wen’s fingers were still stocked in her ears. Gently he pull down Syau Wen’s hand and put her on his back. He said to his daughter:”Syau Wen, You must be very tired from that long standing. Now close your eyes and take a nap on my back.” Syau Wen lean one her father’s big wide soft shoulder, it feels much better than her bed. In no time, she felt into deep sleep.

Dz Yun said to Yu Wen:”Let’s go now, pal! Give me your hand and close your eyes. Don’t open until I said so. I’ll tell you what to do.” Yu Wen nodded her head and hold on tight to her pal’s warm hand. When Dz Yun said “Pick up your right foot. Step forward with a big step.” She did so. If Dz Yun told her to cross her foot to the left, she cross out to the left………Until Dz Yun said:「My sweet pal, now you can open your eyes. We are home.”

On their way home, Dz Yun saw such a sad and horrible sight. He knew what a battle field looked like. But that was soldiers to soldiers. Here what he saw, dz Yun said to himself: “Hell couldn’t be worse than this.” He saw countless people died with missing limbs. Many laying on the ground or crawling crying for help. Blood everywhere covered the ground. Some limbs hung on top of the fallen houses. Some were lounged on the tree branches. People with minor injuries running back and forth among those bodies and the ones who were still breathing. Wishing to locate their loved ones. A hungry baby was crawling on his mother’s breast crying for milk. Some people stretched out their hands to Dz Yun asking for help. Dz Yun was totally numbed by all what he had seen. He had only one thought: “To take my wife and the girls home safely.” But, he dare not to picture what their home would be look like.

–to be continued–

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