C-9 Needle works –Part two–

Finally Yu Wen sensed that there was someone standing next to her. It embarrassed her when she found that was Mr. Liu. She stood up quickly and apologize:”I’m sorry, Mr liu. I was preoccupied to notice your presence. Is there anything that I can do for you?” She asked.

“No. Nothing! Sit down, sit down. I just brought some candy for the girls. The butterfly you are embroidering was so beautiful! If it is not because you have to take care of two little girl, I wish to ask you to make a pair of pillow cases for my youngest daughter. She is going to be married the end of this year.”

Yu Wen had never seen Mr. Liu’s daughter before. Only knew her from the picture that Mr. Liu showed her. Mr. Liu’s daughter looked beautiful and virtuous. Mr. Liu was a very friendly and kind old gentleman. Yu Wen looked upon Mr. Liu as her father. When she heard what Mr. Liu had said, right away she said ::” No problem at all. Embroidery is my favorite pastime. I’d love to make a pair of pillow cases for your daughter. I wish I could paint butterflies as well.”

That was true, Yu Wen did not know how to paint at all. But Mr. Liu thought that didn’t matter at all. He said : ” No. I’m glad that you don’t paint, If you do, I’m afraid those butterflies might flew away. But the ones you embroidered with silk thread on the cloth, they cannot fly away. If you really main it, I’ll get some pink colored silk for you. What do you think?”

Yu Wen gladly answered “Yes! I’ll do it.”

Time went by fast, Syau Wen was a kindergartener now. The most joyful thing for Syau Wen was that every day she could skip and hop all the way to school with the little book bag in her hand. She was so happy that she became one of the students who playing in the schoolyard. Not the one who can only watching down from the windows. Now she could learn how to read, to sing songs and play games with the students.

When she came home, she loved to imitate her teacher and had Syau Yun to be her student. She wanted to teach Syau Yun how to read. But Syau Yun couldn’t sat still more than one minute and began to grab the book and wanted to tear the pages. Syau Wen snatched it back from her little sister’s hands and ran away.

One day Syau Wen came home with excitement. She told her mother that her teacher appointed her to be the flower girl. There will be a bride, a bridegroom, mouse,  frog and cricket. Yu Wen couldn’t understand what was Syau Wen talking about until she visited Syau Wen’s teacher.   –To be continued–


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