C-10 Heroes at the war of Japanese invasion  -part four- Reunion on Radio –

After she recovered her consciousness the very first thing that Yu Wen wanted to do was to try to get hold of her mother, her two sister-in-laws and her nephew. She wanted to ask them to come to Si-An to live with them. Dz Yun agreed with the good idea.

Dz Yuen started to contact with the Hams in Pei-Jing. But the only information he can provide was: “An elderly lady with two young ladies and a little boy about 10 years old. They lived somewhere around Tyan-An-Men Square and their names”. There was no address.

With great enthusiasm the Hams searched everywhere around Tyan-An-Men Square. With such an incomplete information provided by Dz Yun, it took the Hams almost a whole year to locate Yu Wen’s mother. When they found her they tried their best to convince old Mrs. Lyan to “try” to talk to Yu Wen on a radio station. Finally she agreed.

The day before she talked with her mother on the radio , Yu Wen was all keyed-up and couldn’t sleep at all. Her mind was busy with: “How am I going to convince Mom to live with us? Would Mom be upset with me because I’ve never go home since I left Pei-Jing?”

Early that morning, Yu Wen wiped off her tears before Dz Yun saw it. Quietly she walked over to the radio and turned it on, waiting the calling from Pei-Jing.

A little before the appointed time, Yu Wen was shaking. The minute when she heard mother’s voice, she was almost collapsed. Dz Yun was shocked and didn’t know what to do. Whether should he stop the conversation with Pei-Jing or kept it going.

Finally Yu Wen was calmed down. She told her mother that it was Dz Yun and her aspiration to invited her and her sister-in-laws to come to Syi-An and live with them.

The voice of old Mrs. Lyan came from the amplifier was calm and clear. There was no excitement, hard to tell whether the person who was talking was happy or upset!

“My child, I’m very well. I don’t think it is necessary for me to live with son-in-law yet. Thank you for your good well.”

No matter how hard Dz Yun or the hams in Pei-Jing trying to persuaded her, Old Mrs Lyan insisted to turn off the microphone.

It left Yu Wen at a complete loss. She sat in front of the radio. Cold and numbness. She burst out in tears. Dz Yun sat beside her speechlessly. He thought it’s better to let Yu Wen cry.

–C11. Settled Down un Taiwan–

C-10 Heroes at the war of Japanese invasion  -part three (Heartbroken new from Pei-Jing )-



Eventually Yu Wen got connected with some of her relatives in Pei-Jing. But the news she received was such a heart broken one: Her father died. Her younger brother was persecuted by the Japanese and died in a tragic death. Her older brother was missing. Now her mother with two daughter-in-laws: one was a widow while the other one didn’t know where her husband is, and one grandson, son of her elder son. The Japanese forced them out of their house. Now they lived at a unknown slum area.

Two years before the Victory, Yu Wen learned that the Japanese had obligated her father, Mr. Lyan to be the county magistrate of Tang Shan County. For Mr. Lyan himself, he rather die to take the position. But when he found out his two sons had joined the underground activities against the Japanese, Mr Lyan realized he could use this position to cover up his two sons and as well as those patriotic hot-blooded young people. He accepted

While Mr. Lyan was the county magistrate of Tang Shan, all his relatives and friends estranged him. They looked at him as a stranger on the street. No one would visit him but the Japanese.

Due to his mentally and physically exhaustion, Mr. Lyan died only stayed on job for one year.

One year before the Victory, the night before the secret mission was almost about to be accomplish, the secret tiding divulged. There was no time for Yu Wen’s older brother, Lyan Jen Dung to notify his family not even his only beloved younger brother, Lyan Fu Sing. He was rescued by his friends they took him away secretly before he was arrested. . No one ever knew where he went. Even after the war was over, still no one had ever seen him. Whither he is alive no one knew.

Right after the Japanese got the news about the secret mission, they arrested almost all the members of that secret organization and tortured them to death. Lyan Fu Sing’s, the younger brother of Yu Wen, was the most tragic one. The Japanese looked at him with bitterly hate because he was the chief officer of Japanese M.P. in Tang Shan Syan. But no matter how much they tortured him, trying to get some more names of the organization from him, he did not say a word until the Japanese  put his thoroughly injured body into a big bucket of string acid. His whole body corroded until the last hair was gone and everything turned into smoke and vanished in the air. The news was provided by someone who was one of the members of the  underground  mission but trusted by the Japanese. He had seen the whole process.

When Yu Wen heard a series of heartbroken happenings, she passed out.

–to be continued–