C-11.Settled Down in Taiwan -Part 0ne –


Not too long after the war with the Japanese was over, it began the civil war with the Chinese communist party. The Chinese Air Force in Syi-An decided to withdraw to Sz-Chwan. This news influenced the situation. It went back to the time before the Victory. People started to try to get out of their homes and move to some cities that was not occupied by the Communists. Some people were take advantage of the national crisis to make fortune. Dz Yun’s working unite was a Electronic communication equipments station. As a director of the station, he should keep every single item in stock correctly stored, check every issued item that matched the requisition, make sure the number of incoming items be correctly received. But a few days before they withdrew to Sz-Chwan, Dz Yun found out some un-matched numbers on the records. He checked with his staff but they all declared their hands were clean. He knew those missing items were taken by some of his staff.

Some of those communication equipment were rather too big to be transferred to Sz Chwan. Those items will be left behind like presents for the communist. Dz Yun surely would not see anything happen like that. Yet he hated to see those speculators take advantage.

One day, Dz Yun told his staff to move all the big items which could not be transported to Sz Chwan out of the warehouse and put them in a big open area. The staff were wondering why did their director told them to do so. Some thought may be their director changed his mind now. May be he gathered all these items together for the buyers easier to choose the ones they like. They were very happy that Mr. Ho straighten out his thinking finally.

That evening after everybody went home, Dz Yun dumped some gas on those equipment, lit the match and burned them all.

Even Dz Yun had burned those equipments which could not be shipped, but after they settled down in Taiwan, it was rumored that Ho Dz Yun covered his richness with destitute. The actuality was he brought a bucket of gold with him from Syi An. When rumor came to Yu Wen, She just laughed at it. Because she knew it was preposterous. She grew in money but never attached to money. To her, if put money and conscience on the scale, conscience will be far more heavier than gold. Her husband who cherish the same ideals and takes the same course with her. How blessed she is.

– To be continued –


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