C-11.Settled Down in Taiwan -Part two –Travel in air  

The official notice of withdraw to Sz-Chwan finally came to the Air force in Sy-An. Their first stop was Han-Jung. They will take plane to Hanzhong.

Yu Wen and the children had never had any chance to ride a plane. They were very excited! But it was an awful experience for them at all.

Due to the very early took off before down, they had to go the air port and spend the night there. Was there any hotel close to the air port? No! With all the  other families who’ll take the same plane. They all slept on the hard and cold cement floor outside of the plane repair shop against the wall under the dome evaes.

It was extremely cold at night. They had to sleep with all their clothing on and covered with heavy blanket. It was warm all right while they were covered with the blanket, but after they got off it, the freezing air made them shivering even their teeth were dancing!

“It is a freighter.” Dz Yun told Yu Wen and the kits. In those days, freighter was a three propeller air plane. There were no passenger seats it side. The cabin was much narrower than now a day’s cargo. There were a lot of circular rings and belts on the wall for fastening the goods that piled in the middle. People were standing or sitting on the floor. The engine noise was awfully loud. People had to shout aloud at your ears when they wanted to talk to you.

The journey seemed last forever!

Finally they landed at Han-Jung. Dz Yun settled the team of families in the hospital rooms.

– To be continued –


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