C-11.Settled Down in Taiwan -Part four -Unforgettable Jyan Ge

On their journey, they stopped at Jyan Ge(劍閣). This stop had left a unforgettable memory to the Ho’s. Yu Wen was almost lost her first born son.

Jyan Ge was one of the famous scenic spots on Qinling Mountains. They found a very good hotel. The best one on their journey! There was a fountain and some trees in the courtyard and. Clear water flowed out from the fountain for drink, cooking and washing.

There were lots of hotel rooms. Enough for each family to have their own room . Hotel rooms were surrounded around the courtyard. Outside of each room there was a washstand with a moveable copper washbowl, A face cloth hang on the frame. They can wash their face with cool, clear fountain water. How luxurious was it for these truck riders. They hardly remember when was the last time they had washed their face! None of them would dumped the water out before they washed their feet.

That day was probably the longest day they rested before they get on to the truck. They will continue their journey after lunch! There was enough time for them to walk around the town near their truck. everybody got on to the truck by noon, they discovered one child was missing. That was the youngest one of the Ho’s. The only boy of that family, Lwung-Lwung, who was only three years old. Everyone got off the truck to help to look for him.

Yu Wen was so worried and panic. She had heard many terrible stories about what could be happened to those missing children same age as Lung-Lung. Some bad guys would follow a child who walked along on the street. They had some kind of drug in their hand. They would pat on the child’s head to perplex him/her. Then the child would follow no one else but the one who patted on his/her head. Anyone who saw them would think they were family members. The most horrible thing was, they might kill the child and empty the dead child’s internal organs and stuff it with drugs such as heroin or opium to transport to somewhere. The dead child would looked like a very sick child. Yu Wen was crying and calling on Lung-Lung’s name out loud while she was running from door to door on the streets.

Finally she found him! Lwung-Lwung was there standing in fount of some strange racks. Watching at the man who was clapping two pieces of wooden bats on each weights hanging down from #1 racks. #2 rack stood separately on the other end. Under the #2 rake there placed a row of baskets with a certain numbers of silkworm cocoons in it. They pulled out a piece of silk from each cocoon. Have each grouped silk went through one of the holes on the #2 rake and hauled each grouped silks through one of the holes on the #1 rack. Have them hang down and tie a weight on them. When bats were padding the weight spun and twirled the group of silks together. Then he coiled the twisted silk on the weight and clasp the bats again. Lung-Lung was drawn to it because of the noise: ” Pa!” “Pa!” “Pa!”s. After Yu Wen found Lwung-Lwung,  she was in awe with the procedure of how the silk was made.

-to be continued –