C-11.Settled Down in Taiwan -Part five -Benefit from The Princesses Etiquette

After the other families were sent to their stops when they arrived to Cheng-Du, it was late afternoon. The truck stopped at the gate of one of Dz Yun’s amateur radio Hams, Mr. Gung’ home. It was located on East Gwie Street.

It was a two doors gate. On each side of the gate, there was a stone drum. Dz Yun realized this family is not any Common folk. Someone in this family was a military diplomatic officer.

Dz Yun knocked on one of the door rings slightly. A fifty or sixty year old man opened the door, with strong local accent asked: “whom are you looking for?”

Dz Yun told him his name and whom he was looking for. Not long Mr. Gung came out to welcome them cordially. Usually after the doorman reported to the master or mistress whom the visitor was, he’ll get the permission to show the visitor the way in. But Mr. Gung himself come to the gate to welcome Dz Yun’s family which shows how much they were welcomed.

Mr. Gung looked a little younger and taller than Dz Yung. His kind and friendly looking made a very good impression on these tire and wear out travelers.

They stepped into the courtyard, it reminded Yu Wen her own motherhouse, she was thinking; “This should be the first courtyard with houses on three sides. These rooms are for the workers and the servants. The houses in the next courtyard are for masters and mistresses.” Yu Wen was right. Between the first and second courtyards there was a two stores building. They were for the guests. The second courtyard was wider. There were corridors instead of houses on each side of the yard. There were some rare flowers planted along the two sides of the paved path which leading to the main room. There were Chinese Cercis and Aglaia odorata in the yard.

As they walked closer to the open door of the main living room, Yu Wen saw a elder lady at her sixties holding a long pipe in her hand stood inside the door. Yu Wen thought as if she saw her mother. As if she was at home before she married. Completely forgot she was a visitor. Quickly she walked forward three small steps to the lady, saluted her with Princesses Etiquette spontaneously and gracefully.

The elder lady could never imagine that this dusty young lady in front her was an out of luck princesses.

Quickly she supported Yu Wen up with both hands and invited her into the main living room and offered her a seat. Yu Wen sat in one of those big arm chairs. Her mother’s teachings all come back to her; only sat on the edge of the chair with her both feet touching the floor.To be ready to stand up when elders asked her a question.

All these small motions tells that this person was a descendant of the royal family and well educated with all the elegant courtesy. Old Mrs. Gung had not seen it for years. None of her two daughter-in-laws would know this kind of court courtesy. She felt so sorry for this poor out of luck princess. From that moment on, old Mrs. Gung loved Yu Wen as much as her own daughter. She arranged have the Hos stay on the second floor of the building in between the 1st and 2nd courtyard. She gave one of her a house maid, Peng-Sou to take care of all the house chores, including bathing the children, bring lunch to school for Syau Wen and her younger sisters Syau Yun, younger brother Lung-Lung and Da Chwen. the youngest in the famiy. After school peng-Sou’ll take them home.

Under the mandate of old Mrs. Gung, Yu Wen had never been so relaxed!

One day, Mrs Gung said to Yu Wen: “Come on! my child, let’s stop the show! I’m exhausted of this kind of play! That I haven’t practiced for decades.”

Yu Wen can’t help but laughed and said: “All right! Then….forgive me if I’m presumptuous!”

It was a pity that Dz Yun’s family only stay in Cheng Du for about one year. Dz Yun was ordered to take the family to Taiwan via Hainan Island the smallest and southernmost island in China. Located in the South China Sea, separated from Guangdong‘s Leizhou Peninsula to the north by the shallow and narrow Qiongzhou Strait.

–To be continued–