C-11.Settled Down in Taiwan -Part six -Beautiful Memory

When the plan was Circling Hai Nan Island in the air, Yu Wen felt very uncomfortable for unknown reason!

As the plan got closed to the ground, Yu Wen saw people were playing basketball with shorts and necked upper body!

“My goodness! It’s the heat.” Yu Wen said. She couldn’t imagine the winter in Hai Nan Island could be as hot as summer! Then she told all her kits to take off all the heavy clothing. After everybody got off the plan, they all opened their suitcases to dig out their summer clothing! Yu Wen said to her children: ” We have two summers this year!”

All the families settled in a temporary shelter. Their life become peaceful and romantic!

The shelter was just a big house. Big, simple and crude. It separated into several rooms. There were doorways but no doos. Windows without class! Good thing was there was no the winter bitter coldness! Even at night, they have to turn on the fans.

Fortunately  they found a hut, there was a stove build by clay and rocks. A big rusty wok sat on it They also found some dirty pots, plates, bowls and some other kitchenware. At least they didn’t have to go to San Ya(a small city about 10 miles away)to eat.

First of all, Yu Wen asked the ladies of each household to clean-up the kitchen. Meanwhile Dz drove the truck with some men to San Ya to buy rice and other supplies for cooking meals for the whole group. They have three groups people: cooking, cleaning and shopping, Every one working voluntarily in each group. The members of this big family treasured those happy memories so much!

At the evenings. Dz Yun and Yu Wen loved to walked on the beach not only because it was cooler on the beach, the beauty of the sunsets were awesome that they had never enjoyed before! The sunset was glamorous.

Above the west sea level, while the brilliant colorful sunset was still floating. The Moon was already hanging on the east sky above the coconut trees. Small groups of homebound birds flew over head from time to time. Children were laughing and playing with the sand that they had never did. Dz Yun and Yu Wen hand in hand singing along the beach. To Yu Wen this was a paradise!

The days in Hai Nan Island like a vacation to everyone. Vacation never last very long! They had to move on to Taiwan.

-to be continued –