Visit Jelly Belly Factory and Budweiser factory

Last week with a senior tour group we visited two places;  Jelly Belly Factory and Budweiser Factory. Those beautiful, happy and exciting memories will with me for years!


As we walked into building I saw….


A little dizzy I felt.  I must be dreaming? I’ve never been here before……. But how come this scenery looked so familiar?

My goodness! That was more than 20 years ago,  while my sister and sister-in -law were visiting me from Taiwan. That was a cursory visit with a tour group!   We rushed in and rushed out! It did not leave any thing in my memory box. I guess nothing impressed me but this big fat flying Jelly Belly!

A little sad I felt. My sister is in heaven now. My sister-in-law lost her husband,my very dear brother almost 10 years ago,

But life goes on!  Enjoy the present! That’s what my deceased loved ones would asked me to. I believe.

Jelly Belly bean pictures:DSCN9711 DSCN9735DSCN9712

DSCN9736DSCN9741DSCN9732DSCN9730My favorite!

We visited the factory. Watching how those jelly beans  were made and coated with different  colors and flavors. How they were packed in boxes, I was bewildered!

At the mid of all those busy machinery and workers, a robot lifted a big sign said “Welcome!”. We weaved back happily!

After we come out of the factory, each of us received a small bag of mixed flavored jell belly beans !

When we got to Budweiser Factory,  at the big parking lot, we didn’t see any thing related to the product but a big  statue of a brilliant horse.DSCN9765

I wandered: “how was horse related to beer?”  I just  couldn’t figure it out “Why” until I asked our tour guide. It was just as simple as 123!

In the early days, transportation were no as good as now-a days. Without horses’ hard working, Budweiser wouldn’t be delivered all around the country.  And Budweiser would never be as popular as now .  From bottling several thousands of beer per minute every day, it’s not hard to figure out it’s Market demand.

The best part of this visit was “beer tasting”!

The tour-guide took us into the conference room. After we watched a  short movie about how Budweiser was named. How the beer was made, etc.

Then came the big moment!  Beer Tasting”!

There werer 4 bottles of different beers. We can choose any one of them. I am not familiar with any one of them. But the one named “Wile Blue” attracted my attention. I had never had any beer in my life! A little Red wine sometimes for special occasions.

Almost every one in our group got a glass of those beers. The beautiful burgundy red of Wild Blue! OK! That’s the one for me!DSCN9777

I have no idea What did the 8 percent meant. But I still asked only a little bit.


That’s how “lit bit”  they gave me. The special savoury and mellow smell which I had never had  made me floating in the air! I sipped a little. It tasted G-O-O-D! Couldn’t help I sipped a little again! WOW! The middle of my chest was on fire!!

My good heavens! That 2 sips totally  would not even as much as 1/5cc! My mind said “Go! Get more!”

My heart said “No more! Otherwise your whole body will be on fire!”

Resolutely and determinedly, I put the cup down!

The aftertaste is with me right now as I am typing,  I am floating in the air again!