C-12 Rose, the Flower of Love


Gardening was  Dz Yun’s, hobby. After he retired from the Chinese Air Force, he had more time to enjoy gardening.

Although Yu Wen never had any serious health problems, she was a kind of fragile. She thought, “What if I have to leave the world before my pal? What will I have to leave for him? What do I have to show him that my love will always be with him?

Dz Yun loves flowers, but flowers will wither. What if I can make some kind of flower that will not wither?” She thought of silk ribbon flowers, but the color of the silk ribbon will gradually faded. Embroidery will be too flat. She then found the curtains she crocheted many years ago. Although she had washed them several times, their color remained vibrant and even. She then realized she could use the same kind of yarn to crochet some flowers. There are so many colors to choose from. After she searched many ways to try to create some flower that will remain blossom always, she thought crochet with fine yarn would be the best.

First she tried to crochet a rose. When it was done, it looked like a flower alright, but it didn’t looked like a rose! It wasn’t nearly as beautiful as she hoped. She tried again and again and after many failures… the very first rose was born!

One spring evening in 1967, Dz Yun came home after work. As he was putting on his slippers he noticed a red rose in a vase. Smiling, he said to Yu Wen, “Buddy, what day is it today? Didn’t we just celebrate our anniversary last August?”

Yu Wen smiled and said, “Come and take a closer look.”

As Dz Yun approached the table, he wondered if the vase was an antique. When he picked up the vase, he suddenly realized the rose was not a real flower. It’s a crocheted rose! He had never seen a crocheted flower. It looked so real! His words seemed to jump out of him, “Oh my! Where did you get it, buddy? It’s so unique and so beautiful! What a remarkable piece of work!”

Smiling, Yu Wen said, “I crocheted it!”

“What?! My goodness! It’s really good!” Dz Yun was in great delight while he was holding the crocheted rose in his hand and turning it over and over again.

The encouragement from Dz Yun was all that Yu Wen needed to carry her to produce the second, the third and more roses. Each looked better than the last. Yu Wen then added the calyx, peduncle and leaves. The rose was alive!

The first bouquet of roses was successfully crocheted!

Yu Wen had never told Dz Yen her true intention behind crocheting the rose.

-C13. Everlasting Blossom Blossomed- is on it’s way