C-14 Flower Thief

Part one  –  Azaleas


One beautiful morning in March, Yu Wen was strolling around the neighborhood. In one of her neighbor’s yard she saw three newly blossomed Azaleas. They looked so beautiful! These flowers enlightened her desire of crotchet some Azaleas.

After she got home, right away Yu Wen took out her crochet kits. First she was trying to sketch a Azalea in her mind. She pictured the petals and the pistils. The combination of the petals are very different from roses. But the pistil? She could hardly remember how did they look like. She had to go back to look at it again. Quickly she went back to that garden to study.

She stood there looked at the Azalea over for a while, Yu Wen thought it’s better for her to take them home and study it thoroughly. So she can crochet while she was studying.

Yu Wen picked those three Azaleas with the branch from the bush. Suddenly she realized: “My Goodness! Am I a flower thief?” She ran over to her neighbor’s door and knocked. But there was no body home. “What am I going to do? I have to take them home and put them in a vase with water as soon as possible. Before they withered. I’ll come back tonight.”


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