C-14 Flower Thief

– Part two “Thou shall not steal”

Yu Wen went home with those flowers.

With strong spirits of interest, Yu Wen began to crochet while she study the flower.

The petals were very different from the roses. They were not as evenly flat as rose. They looked lively! That evening Yu Wen could not think of anything but how those pistils should be made?

The next day with her skillful fingers, she made a group of pistils with a black dot on the tip of each pistil and one long one with yellow dot. The next day…

After the pistils were finished, Yu Wen put them in the middle of the petals, she saw there was something missing. Some small dark dots at the center of the petals were missing. After she embroidered some dark red dots , the flower looked more like what it should be.

The time flew faster than usual specially at the last day when Yu Wen put the petals pistil together and embroider the dots. She just couldn’t stop one after another untill she was satisfied with her work. Before she could notice the evening was already there. Yu Wen was totally soaked in the happiness of crochet.

While Yu Wen was enjoying her work, she heard someone opened the front door. My goodness! It is six o’clock. Dz Yun was home from work. She hadn’t prepare any dinner yet! She ran over to Dz Yun said guiltily: “I’m sorry! Pal. I was crocheting the Azalea and forgot the time.”

Dz Yun smiled at Yu Wen and said: ” Did not cook. Right? That’s good! So I can show off my skill today! How about some noodle soup with shredded pork and spinach?”

– To be contained


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