C-14 Flower Thief

 -Part Three  The birth of Everlasting Blossoms 

This noodle soup was the only thing that Dz Yun ever cooked. Nevertheless, it was really very helpful some times.

Once the couple got into an argument. After Yu Wen placed the dinner on the table, she went into the bed room without touch any food. Dz Yun felt sorry for what had happened. He tried his very best to apologize to Yu Wen. But Yu Wen was quite and just kept on stared at the book in her hands without turn any page. The dinner got cold! Cold food will upset Yu Wen’s stomach. This should never happen to his honey. Especially today! Dz Yun went into the kitchen. He fond some pork, spinach and dry noodle. He cut the pork into small piece and made some noodle shop for Yu Wen.  When Yu Wen looked at the soup in Dz Yun’s hands, her sulkiness cool down and smiled!  Her Honey never cooked before!

A complete Azalea was born a few days later. Dz Yun looked at the flower and said to Yu Wen: “Look, Buddy! Those Azaleas you picked from the garden are not as beautiful as they were before. But the one you crocheted will last till tomorrow, days later, even till winter. It will still look as fresh and beautiful as in spring. Pal! You’ve preserved the spring!”

Dz Yun thought all the flowers that Yu Wen crocheted should be named as “Everlasting Blossoms”. Because they always look as beautiful as they were blossoming in spring. Hence “Everlasting Blossom” was named solemnly .

–To be continued–

HURRART ! I am home again!

I lost my home Key and locked myself out of my blog for two days as a homeless blogger! I can only looking in the window listen to my friends talking to me, but no way to let them know that heard them. Say,  panic and angry with myself. Stupid me can’t even reset my password!

I went to the public library today asked one of one of those lovely volunteer young students. A young lady watched me over step by step to reset my pass word. She said if copy and paste the new pass word you set……….

Hurray! voila! I made it!

It’s wonderful to be home again!

Long live those lovely young volunteers*!

* They are a group of young students come to the public library volunteerly on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm. to help us seniors with cell phones, ipads, lap-tops .  They are Sweet and patiently.

Each of us left the library with a big smile!