C-15 Vanda

小明的照片-1 081

Since the incident of Azalea, Yu Wen began to collect picture photos to crochet new flowers. Neighbors and friends were supporting with all kinds of information.

One of her neighbor gave her a magazine “USA Today” Chinese version. There was an article about Vanda which won the blue Ribbon prize of orchids that year.

She had never seen Vanda before.

「 It’s so beautiful! No wonder it won the blue ribbon prize!」 Yu Wen said to herself:「I’m going to capture it with my hook and yarn, I’ll have my own Vanda! 」She was so happy as if she had found some very valuable treasure!

After she looked at the picture very carefully, Yu Wen realized that there are some difficulties. She found the petals of Wanda are a little different from the others, they were humped out. And the pistils are very different too.

「 I have to study it carefully.」 Yu Wen said to herself.

Yu Wen went through many failures.  But when it was unveiled at the exhibitions in Taichung, it won a lot of praises.


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