C17 . Sakura


One spring day, Yu Wen and Dz Yuen went to Yang-Ming-Shan National Park to enjoy the beauty of the famous Sakura. Dz Yuen holding Yu Wen’s arm carefully while they were walking slowly along the mountain trails. They talked to each other quietly and sweetly. It was such a beautiful and lovely picture.

They did not have a camera to capture the beauty of the scenery for their memories,Yu Wen crocheted the Sakura!

Every time when Yu Wen was crocheting Everlasting Blossoms, she always spent a lot of time in studying. Not only the look of the flower, but also how those petals and pistils were arranged, how the calyx should be. That is why at one of the exhibitions, there was a visitor who was talking to his friend with him:”Everlasting blossoms can be used as teaching aids, to teach the students the detail of flowers. That would impress them more”