C-30 . Winter Jasmine


Winter Jasmine is very common in the northern part of China. You can see them almost everywhere. Since Taiwan is at the subtropical zone you can only find the in the mountains. To comfort my mother’s homesick, She crochet the Winter Jasmine as the ones in her memory.

One day at the flower market I saw some small yellow flowers in bundles. Not much eaves. Those flowers looked like one of my mother Everlasting Blossoms – Winter Jasmine. When I bend down to look at the tag which tied on the spray. Yes! They are “Winter Jasmine”!  The only different between the fresh ones and my mother’s everlasting ones were: the fresh leaves and the petals of the flower  were much thinner!  Some of them were not looking fresh anymore!

C-31. poinsettia



The correct way to organize the petals of Poinsettia is very important. The pistils are pretty complicate as well.

My mother placed a fresh poinsettia right in front of her while she was crocheting. She did exactly the same as she saw. That’s why they look so realistic.

C-28 Morning glory


Morning Glories only looking beautiful in the mornings. After a few hours when the afternoon comes, morning glory will not glory any more. It’s brilliant color will be faded and it’s beautiful appearance will be withered. But the Morning Glories my mother crocheted will always be the same as if they were in the morning!

C-27 Begonia


If the calyx of the Begonia flower or it’s flower bud do not have the right looking, it will not be a Begonia flower at all.

Each time when Yu Wen was creating a bonsai, she always tried her very best to have it made as perfect as possible. That was why each time at the exhibition, would always heard some people say: 「Everlasting Blossoms look like real flowers!」

C-25 Orchid-Phalaenopsis


To crochet and organize this kind of Orchid as the Phalaenopsis,  is not hard, but the center piece is a little tricky. You must watch for the stitches, they cannot be either too tight or too loose. If the stitches are too tight, the center piece will be stiff and rigid. If they are too loose, it will hanging down lifelessly.

C-24 Tulips




The appearance of Tulips are graceful and elegant, ingratiating themselves to whoever looks at them. To crochet the flower petals are easy, they were similar to rose. The leaves are not hard either. Easy to organize them. But you must  have enough patient to crochet lots of leaves.  That takes a lot of time and yarns.

Hint:  “Don’t forget crochet with wire! “

C-23 Violet


Yu Wen have heard someone said that there was a newly opened Rung Sing Garden in Taipei. There were many special flowers among the other plants. She took a special trip to Taipei by train to visit the new Yung Sing Garden.

The graden looked brilliant! Among all those splendid rich multicolored flowers, Yu Wen fond some spectacular tiny pretty three colores flowers, violet, which she had never seen before.

With her memory and skilful hands, she crochet Violets.

-C-24 Tulip- is on the way

C-22  Water lily

12087491_1038992096145625_1364053974_nWhile Yu Wen was crocheting this bonsai, she really spent a lot of time and put in a lot of thoughts.

In this picture we can see a bug crawling on the stalk, the dragonfly perched on the lotus bud. Two frogs underneath on the lotus leaves on watch for the bug like tigers. One of them opened it mouth ready to swallow! The little bug seams not care much because it has wings and can fly away at any time. And mock at the frogs’ benighted.

The dragonfly perched on top of the lotus flower bud leisurely and carefree. It didn’t pay any attention to whatsoever is going on.  Enjoying the sweet fragrance of the air and the warmth of the sun.

The combination of this bonsai has it’s own refine style, it’s unsophisticated and natural. It also gives people lots of space of thinking. May be that is why at every Exhibition, this bonsai always drew most of the attention from the viewers.

Hooks and yarns are different from painting brush. You can draw with colors and brush easily. But with hook and yarns, you have to go stitch by stitch, to finish such big piece of lotus leaf, it took hundreds and hundreds of individual stitches, one stitch at a time. Yu Wen’s lotus leaves are as large as the real ones, And there were more than one leaf! Because of those big pieces of green leaves, shows the beauty and elegant of the lotus flower.

C-23 Violet is on the way–

C-21 Lily, Rose and Carnation

lily,rose, carnation

“This bonsai of flowers is a combination of love.”  My mother told me.

Roses and carnation symbolizing the worldly love .

Lily, the Easter flower, symbolizing the love of God. Remind us that God send His Only Son, Jesus Christ who came to earth, suffered and died on the cross of us. And on the third day He rose again from the dead, in order to complete God’s love.

My mother was converted into Catholic around her early 50 s. Though she didn’t go to church regularly, but her devotion to God was deeply planted in her heart.

This whole combination of flowers shows her ideal of The Unity of God and His People on earth

C-22  Water lily is on the way!  

C-20 Nasturtium (part 2)

C-20  Nasturtium  (part 2)

The words were spread out! There was a newly opened department store in Taichung wished to borrow her nasturtiums, and would like to put it in one of their showcases. The manager came and ask her permission to let them to placed it in their store to show to the public.

After the nasturtiums were placed in the showcase, the crowded masses passed by, most of them thought the flower in the showcase was a decoration.

It caught attention of a young man, because there were not too many nasturtiums in Taiwan.

But he was surprised when he found out the whole plant was made with yarns! He could hardly believe his eyes! After he found out the whole bonsai was made by some lady, he asked the manager if he can buy it?

When my mother heard about it, right away she told the manager to bring the nasturtiums back, She said:”It’s not for sale!”

C-21 Lily, Rose and Carnation is on the way

C-20 Nasturtium (part 1)


Once my mother saw a picture of Nasturtiums. She was totally amazed by those slender vine twigs which could swinging in the wind. Those leaves shaped like lotus leaves. The brilliant color of the flowers. And there is a unique spectacular tail at the back of each flower!

She was totally enchanted. Every part of Nasturtium was like a poem to her.

She wanted to put the picture into three-dimensional!

She found some suitable wire for the swinging stalks. She bought some very fine yarn with the right color for the flowers. According to the structure in the picture, she started to work on it.

After she crotched the petals, she found out that they were too soft. They should be supported by some kind of very fine wire to make them stand up but not stiff. She found some very,very fine copper wire which was just the right softness for what she demanded. Only with that kind of wire which can show the beauty of the flower and its spectacular little tail!

My mother spent about almost two months to finish the whole bonsai of nasturtiums. It looked so real and vivid. Praises and appreciations were heard from whoever saw it !

To be contiued.

C-19  Rhodea Japonica and Lily


In the early days, my mother grand the honor to name this bonsai “Yu Jei Bing Ching”.

In Chinese, Yu Jie mains as pure as jade. Bing Ching means as clear as ice. The whole bonsai describes strict morality and behaviors, noble, eligant and integrity.

I named so because after my mother finished the arrangment of this bonsai, the lilies reminded me of Mary, mother of Jesus. The Rhodea Japonica looked like St. Joseph standing right next to her. Those little red flowers shows the motherly love to Mary and St. Joseph of my mother. I was deeply touch by it! What else could I name it!

c20. Nasturtium is on the way