C-20 Nasturtium (part 1)


Once my mother saw a picture of Nasturtiums. She was totally amazed by those slender vine twigs which could swinging in the wind. Those leaves shaped like lotus leaves. The brilliant color of the flowers. And there is a unique spectacular tail at the back of each flower!

She was totally enchanted. Every part of Nasturtium was like a poem to her.

She wanted to put the picture into three-dimensional!

She found some suitable wire for the swinging stalks. She bought some very fine yarn with the right color for the flowers. According to the structure in the picture, she started to work on it.

After she crotched the petals, she found out that they were too soft. They should be supported by some kind of very fine wire to make them stand up but not stiff. She found some very,very fine copper wire which was just the right softness for what she demanded. Only with that kind of wire which can show the beauty of the flower and its spectacular little tail!

My mother spent about almost two months to finish the whole bonsai of nasturtiums. It looked so real and vivid. Praises and appreciations were heard from whoever saw it !

To be contiued.


4 thoughts on “C-20 Nasturtium (part 1)

    1. Thank you so much for coming to my blog and like my mother’s flowers. Yes , my mother was talented! I’m sure she would like me to say” Thank you!” for her.

      please do coming back and see the rest of her works.

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