C-20 Nasturtium (part 2)

C-20  Nasturtium  (part 2)

The words were spread out! There was a newly opened department store in Taichung wished to borrow her nasturtiums, and would like to put it in one of their showcases. The manager came and ask her permission to let them to placed it in their store to show to the public.

After the nasturtiums were placed in the showcase, the crowded masses passed by, most of them thought the flower in the showcase was a decoration.

It caught attention of a young man, because there were not too many nasturtiums in Taiwan.

But he was surprised when he found out the whole plant was made with yarns! He could hardly believe his eyes! After he found out the whole bonsai was made by some lady, he asked the manager if he can buy it?

When my mother heard about it, right away she told the manager to bring the nasturtiums back, She said:”It’s not for sale!”

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