C-22  Water lily

12087491_1038992096145625_1364053974_nWhile Yu Wen was crocheting this bonsai, she really spent a lot of time and put in a lot of thoughts.

In this picture we can see a bug crawling on the stalk, the dragonfly perched on the lotus bud. Two frogs underneath on the lotus leaves on watch for the bug like tigers. One of them opened it mouth ready to swallow! The little bug seams not care much because it has wings and can fly away at any time. And mock at the frogs’ benighted.

The dragonfly perched on top of the lotus flower bud leisurely and carefree. It didn’t pay any attention to whatsoever is going on.  Enjoying the sweet fragrance of the air and the warmth of the sun.

The combination of this bonsai has it’s own refine style, it’s unsophisticated and natural. It also gives people lots of space of thinking. May be that is why at every Exhibition, this bonsai always drew most of the attention from the viewers.

Hooks and yarns are different from painting brush. You can draw with colors and brush easily. But with hook and yarns, you have to go stitch by stitch, to finish such big piece of lotus leaf, it took hundreds and hundreds of individual stitches, one stitch at a time. Yu Wen’s lotus leaves are as large as the real ones, And there were more than one leaf! Because of those big pieces of green leaves, shows the beauty and elegant of the lotus flower.

C-23 Violet is on the way–


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