小明的照片-1 082

C-33. The first exhibition–one–

Yu Wen’s children, five of them, all thought keeping their mother’s beautiful art craft at home would be the lamp under the bed. It should be placed on the table to lighten up the whole room. And the light should be shared with others. They thought the library would be the most appropriate place. It’s the place for all kinds of flower arrangement show, sculptures, painting and calligraphy exhibits.

Dz Yun was an outstanding amateur photographer. He photographed his most favorite Nasturtium, Luxuriant Bonsai and Dendrobium for Syau Wen to show to the library. All these activities were working in secret. They wanted to surprise Yu Wen. If the request should be rejected, it wouldn’t hurt Yu Wen’s feelings. They were a little hesitated, because Yu Wen’s works were neither life flower arrangement nor painting, calligraphy or sculptures. They didn’t know which category Everlasting Blossom would be fitted in. Yet those pieces were truly a different kind of art.

One morning, tentatively Syau Wen walking into the office of Tai-Chung Main Library. It was a kind of early that morning, the big office still looked empty, and Syau Wen saw a kind looking lady standing up from her chair behind the desks and smiling at her. She said to Syau Wen: “Good Morning! What can I do for you?” –To be continued —



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