A Succeful Step

C-32.The first exhibition–two–


“We would like to hold an exhibition at your library if it is possible.” Syau Wen said uncertainly.

The lady responded in a welcoming voice: “Sure! What category do they go to?”

“I really do not know. But they are a kind of art, I’m sure” Syau Wen handed those pictures out to the lady as she was saying. ” My mother crocheted many these kind of flowers. They were all done with my mother’s hands. Except the vases, pots and pebbles,  “Really?” With the pictures in the lady’s hands, she walked over under the light. She was amazed when she looked at them closely. ” Please wait here, I’m going to show them to our manager.

Syau Wen sat in the chair anxiously, she didn’t know what will be next.

Not too long a middle aged gentleman came out from his office with those pictures. Syau Wen assumed that he should be the manager and she stood up.

” These are rare folk art, How many pieces your mother has?” The gentleman asked Syau Wen. Syau Wen said quickly: ” About 40″

“I see. They need a larger show room. They should not be joint with other exhibition. There should be a Solo Exhibition. What do you think? ”

Syau Wen couldn’t believe what she have heard. She didn’t know what to do. She had to ask her mother to decide. She said: ” I think I have to ask my mother first see what she say.”–To be continued–



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