C-32.  Mission Accomplished

The first exhibition–three

That gentleman said to her: “Very good. could you also ask you mother how many days she prefers for the exhibition? I suggest it should be more than a week and open and close at the same time as office hours. We can schedule the dates after you told us what your mother thinks.”

Syau Wen went home joyfully and told her mother about this good news.

Yu Wen laughed and said: “I see, That was why your father took some pictures of the flowers! So, there is a Secret Agency in our home.”   What Dz Yun and the children did brought Yu Wen sweet love which urged and encouraged her to crochet more. She told Syau Wen that she would like to have a nine days exhibition. When the dates are booked, she wish to visit the locus to pre-plan how will she place her pieces.

Syau Wen conveyed the massage to the library office the very next day. Just in a few days later, they received the notice from the library that the nine days of exhibition were set in that summer. A very large room was assigned for “Everlasting Blossom Exhibition”. For the visitors to have a good view of everything that placed on the show tables, Yu Wen arranged the tables in a “U” shape. People can walk around and see every side of the showpieces.

–To be contimued–


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