A barefoot Viewer

C-32.  –The first exhibition–four–

The schools were on their summer vacation. Some of Syau Wen’s elder son’s classmates Volunteered to be the ushers. Their main job was to make sure that no one should touch any of the showpieces though the signs of “Don’t touch, please!” were placed on the tables in case some viewers can’t refrain from touching them.

Yu Wen was around her sixties at the first exhibition. She was a little heavy and panted if she walked a little too long. But she walked back and forth in the showroom in that nine days. Explaining and answering questions for the visitors. She even walked down to the second floor to answer a phone interview of a local news. The great joy and happiness from her heart put smile on Yu Wen’s face, and she didn’t panted at all!

In the showroom, it was always crowded in that nine days.

One lunch break, Yu Wen and the boys were having lunch. A middle aged man walked into the showroom with bear feet. He was wiping his hands on his shorts! It looked like that he was just finished washing his hands. He looked as a famer who had came back from the farm land. Yu Wen stared at him in astonishment. She saw him slowly circled the show table from the first pot to the last one. Very carefully he looked at every one especially with those orchids. He came up to Yu Wen and said:” Granny! I counted the pistil and stamens, they virtually look as real as flowers.” The Curator of the library told Yu Wen that every one call that bear feet bizarre dressed man “Bear feet Celestial” who was an orchids expert. For some reason he had made a pledge to god that he would dressed up like a famer with bear feet in and out any public places.

–To be continued–


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