I was fooled by myself

C-32.  –The first exhibition–five–

There was a young man, who looked as a student stood in front of the Nasturtiums. Holding his chin with his right hand and stare at the Nasturtiums. He veered his head walking backwards a few steps. He stood there in a little distant looking at the Nasturtiums. Again he walked back very close to the flowers, his face almost touched the Nasturtiums. Suddenly he laughed softly. Yu Wen was so wondering what was so funny with those flower? She walked over to that young man and asked: “Hope you don’t mind if I ask you what’s so funny?”

“No! I was fooled by myself!” The young man said . “I saw so many colorful flowers when I was at the door. Some of them that I’ve never seen before. Curiously I walked in and took a closer look, found out they were crotched with fine yarns. They were all hand crafted except those pots and gravels. You can hardly tell when you looked at them in a little distance. I was laughing because I was fooled by myself!”

— To be continued


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