C-35. The Bellflower- two


” I’ve never seen such strange but beautiful flowers before. ” she said, “The petals of those fully blossomed Bellflowers, were all turning upwards from the center of the flowers, and pistils hanging downwards. They really looked  like bells! And those Christmas cactus looked liked a string of crab claws hanging down! There is a special looking red flower at the end of each string of the crab claws. I guess those Bellflowers flowers and Christmas cactus flowers were too heavy for their stems or the crab claws , that’s why they were all hanging downward!」

My sister-in-law’s description interested my mother! She said:「OK! Take me over to the flower store with my wheelchair, I want to take a look how special! 」

This visit made my mother got the yarns and the hook out of the drawers and crocheted the Bellflowers, The first bonsai since my father died. And then, the Christmas Cactus, the third, the fourth…….much. more new ones were born.

C-36.Christmas Cactus–is on the way


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