C-38. Chrysanthemim and Spider Chrysanthemum





UntitledSpider Chrysanthemum


Amount all the Everlasting Blossoms, Spider Chrysanthemums were the ones that Yu Wen had spent the most time to crochet those petals.

There were almost 200 petals in each flower. And they were in six to seven different lengths! Every petal must be supported with a very fine copper wire, so it will be stiffer, yet not as stiff as like sticks . You can shape those petals the way you wanted to. Therefore the whole flower will look like if they were growing in the garden. To organize the petals evenly on the stem is another ordeal .

Yu Wen crocheted different kinds of Chrysanthemums  because she loved them specially for their unusual spirit. They are beautiful yet not brightly colored. Their unique faint fragrance. They blossom in cold winter. Snow and the freezing frost  would not stricken them.

Chrysanthemums were favored by many Chinese poets.


C-39 Meeting friends with flowers–is on its way! 


2 thoughts on “C-38. Chrysanthemim and Spider Chrysanthemum

    1. Yes! Maria! I’m really very proud of those crocheted flowers of my mother’s.
      I’m glad you like them too!
      Thank you for your kind words.


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