C-39 Meeting friends with flowers–part three

Professor was very fond of arts You would see many art works in her home. In addition to those Chinese Paintings and calligraphy, there was a black ink painting of Mr. Feng-Dz-kai. Mrs. Li-Shu-Syan embroidered a colored picture of Professor Sye,  dressed as a woman soldier in  when she was young, looked dashing and spirited.

Professor said to me: ” Art represent the culture of a Nation.”

“No mater calligraphy, painting, handcrafts, there is a unique value in each one of them.” She said.

“The Everlasting Blossom your mother created should be speard!” She saod to Syau Wen.

“It would be wonderful if you could crochet. You could help your mother to hand around these unique art thus.”

With an expectant frame of mind  the author of this book wrote this book. Hopping to hand round her mother’s unique art, Everlasting Blossom to the world. Hopping with this book the readers may learned the history of Everlasting Blossom which also unveiled the method of how to crochet Everlasting Blossom, and butterfly as a bonus!


You can create your own Everlasting Blossom and butterfly thus.


Thus the beauty of spring will be kept on earth always!

C-40. Roses and Gypsophila – Baby’s breath—is on its way

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