C-39 Everlasting Blossoms Meeting New friends –part one

Since 1968, four years after the very first rose was born, Yu Wen’s children had arranged many exhibitions for her from Taiwan to California, USA.

1974, the first big exhibit at Tai Chung Main Library, Taiwan, Everlasting Blossom started meeting with new friends brought lots of good comments and praises.

June 13,1987, Everlasting Blossoms first showed her beauty in America which amazed the people in the Bay Area in Northern California. This very first exhibition took place on the third floor at Taiwan Chinese culture Center in , San Francisco, Ca. Many Chinese News Paper journalists covered the event. The “China Youth Morning News” posted a special column about Everlasting Blossom which drew a lots of viewers. Some people spent an hour driving from other city specially for the exhibition. Most of all the famous writer, retired Professor Mrs. Sye Bing Yeng had visited the exhibition three times during the exhibition. She said: ” There was never an exhibition would I visit three times in a row. Everlasting Blossom is the first one.” –to be continued–




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