C-39 Meeting friends with flowers–part two



The show room was on the third floor. There was no elevator, which would make people very tired from climbing those stairs. Besides, Elderly Professor Sye had a leg surgery some years ago. But none of these would hinder her visits. Each time after she struggled up to the showroom, she was almost breathless. And each time she came would bring some friends of hers. Happily she showed them what she had found. Thus Everlasting Blossom had a chance to meet Poet Shu-Man-Sya, famous Novelist Fan-Lu, artist Chen-Syu-Ying and an Air force Writer Jang-Tau.

Among those viewers many of them were from the cultural circles. They stopped and admiring at each showpiece attentively. Such as:

“The dragonfly on the lotus flower which looked like it’s ready to fly way.”

“The frogs on the lotus leaf looking at the beetle hostility.”

“Bright colored Christmas-cactus looked so life like.”

“The Dendrobium looked delicate and beautiful.”

“Tiny little Baby breath surrounded the proud rose.”

Among the admirers, there was a heroine of World War 11 told the author of this book, that she would like to volunteer to take care of the visitors at the next exhibition.

Yu Wen and  Professor Sye became pen-pal after the exhibition. She told her daughter, Syau Wen, to present a bouquet to Professor Sye, the Babysbreath and rose as a gift of appreciation. Professor Sye treasured it very much. She put the bouque in a vase and placed it right next to her most precious valuable Relics container, a five inches tall pure gold pagoda. Professor Sye loved Everlasting Blossom, loved Yu Wen’s eldest daughter, Syau Wen( the author of this book) and took her as one of her daughters.–to be continued–


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