D-1 Butterfly(part two)


Unfortunately, the export business embroiled into his partner’s bankruptcy and lost almost all his fortune. He had to stop the butterflies business completely. But he was faithful and a man of honor, even those products means nothing to him now, but he paid off all the labors without any deficit.

My mother was very grateful to that businessman’s faithless. When those service family member found out what had happened, they felt so sorry for the businessman who had involved in such misfortune.


Before I had the stroke, according to the instruction of butterflies that my mother made, I crocheted the Butterfly.

You can crochet the butterfly with any color as you preferred. The most important step is: don’t forget to lined and spotted the wings after you put the wings and the body together. without those lines and spots the butterfly wouldn’t look beautiful.

After you’ve complete the first butterfly, you’ll be able to create your own beautiful butterflies as many as you like!

May beautiful butterflies flying at any time and everywhere! May they bring joy and happiness to the world!–To be continued.

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