So far I’ve posted 6 patterns of butterflies now. There are more to come.
I’m so anxious to see if any of my friends had crocheted any butterfly.
It was my mother’s wish and so is mine, the long lasting beautiful butterflies could fly everywhere.4


F. Unveil the Methods of Crochet Everlasting Butterfly

If you are a butterflies lover may be you would like to have some flying in your own room. Their brilliant colors, flying slim and graceful are so delightful.
OK! I’m going to pass you my mother’s handout of how to make your own butterfly. All the diagrams and instruction were designed by her personally. She wished the beauty and the joy of the butterflies can be spread everywhere.
If you would like to show your appreciation to my mother’s hard work and her selfless good intention, you may post your own butterflies on your blog after you made your own butterfly.
It is really very easy to crochet butterfly. If you only know the basic ways of crochet.
1. First of all, you should read this annotation of the instruction and try to memorize them that will make your work more efficiently.

2. Most of the diagrams will indicate with suggested colors. After you experience couple of them, you may make your own design.
3. It is very important to add lines as those butterflies I posted in the previous chapter.
Butterfly one

The world is beautiful!

Image0004 Ever since the ambulance took me to the hospital, I was transferred from rooms to rooms. I had no chance to see the sky. I enjoy the blue sky. I love to watch the clouds moving. I always amazed at the brilliance of sunset………..
I’m sure there were windows in all those rooms I had stayed. But I could only see the hanging window curtains. it seemed that I had never thought of asking anyone to pull the curtains up for me.
I was struggling with sit up in bed.
The left side of my body was perfect when you look at it, but it was as soft as bread soaked with milk! Yet it’s feeling sensation was OK. If you pinch any part of the skin it really hurts! People had to put a lot of pillows on my left side to make me sit up. Even though my body could not keep up straight very long. I didn’t want to keep on ask people to put a dozen pillows on my left side to sit me up. I tried to hold on to the bed side rail to pull myself up. I didn’t know after how many days I tried and tried to sit up without much support. Finally, I made it!
I asked the nurse to put me in the wheelchair. I wanted to get out of bed. I wanted to go out of the room! Even for just a few minutes. Ha! That was not easy to transfer me from bed to the wheelchair. How could one lady to pick up a piece of 120-pound meat from a bed and put it into the chair! There were always two of them. After they dropped me into the chair they had to put belts on me. One on my lap one around my chest.
Probably you have never noticed why when you help a child to get up from the ground would so much easier than an elderly. it’s because the limbs of a child are strong plus his strong strength. With his own help and yours the task is light and easy. But for an elderly his strength worn out by age, he can’t help much instead you have to work harder, you can feel part of the elderly’s weight. But when you try to pick up a 120-pound helpless meat it means 120 pounds! That is what I was! I could hear: ” Wow! You are very heavy!” which I didn’t like at all!
The nurse pushed me out of the room. My room was not the whole world! There were other rooms with people in beds. I wished they could get out of bed like me.
We came to the community room.
Oh, My! What a big room with open windows! The daylight made the room so bright! Not like my room the lights were always on. You could hardly tell whether it’s day or night. The air in the community was so fresh and sweet!
I wanted to sit by a window. I wanted to see the outside world which I missed so badly! I was thrilled when I saw the hilltop far away over the houses, I saw trees, the blue sky patched with pieces of white clouds. Tears streamed down my cheeks. My heart said strongly:
“How beautiful the world is! I will go out to see more! I will!”

D-4 Accessory(two)

BenQ Corporation
BenQ Corporation

When I was working on collecting all the information for this book, I recalled about those unique little animal head wish to include them in the book. I did have one but it was too small and I lost it. With remorse I called my sister-in-law, wishing that if she would have some. But the answer was no! Nevertheless, she’ll look for them.
Every one of the family in Taiwan even my second son went from Taipei to Taichung join the treasure hunt. They looked for everywhere. Nothing they found. While I was very depressed with disappointment I received my nephew’s email. He said he found some small animal heads pins by accident! While he was dusting a bookcase which he had dusted so many times. There was the bamboo waved turtle box
which belonged to his grand-mother. With love and respect he never thought of to open it. Since they almost turn the house up-side-down to look for those precious animal heads, would it be possiblly that grandmother had put them in here the box she usually to love very much? With a little guilty in his heart, he opened it. There he found them laying in a small plastic bag. Totally there were 11 pieces; 3 in pairs, and 8 single heads. My nephew took a picture of what he found attached with his email. What a discovery!
I asked my second son, David to take some individual pictures of each pin, which would show more of the beauty of them. And can be seen a better view of them. My son said while he was taken those pictures, the eyes of those animal heads were sparkling under the flush light! David was thinking and wondering: if it was not because of the flush light his grand-mother’s wisdom and unique skills will be hard to understand. Those treasures were almost 30 years old while those picture were taken. And they are the only ones in the world by now.
it’s a pity there was no instruction to tell us how to crochet those animal head. Hopefully through these pictures that may give some ideas of how those animal heads look like. You may use them as patters to crochet some handbags to give to your friends. Those unique handbags would be the only one of the kind of gift!
With the instruction of butterfly and rose, we, the children of Ho Lyan Yu Wen, wish that there will be crochet flowers blossoming all year long, and butterflies flying everywhere. What a beautiful world that will be! Thus will fulfilled our mother’s wish!
F Unveil the Methods of Crochet Everlasting Blossom is on the way!

Life is good!

Life is good!
If you had never had any dramatic happening in your life, probably you would not notice “life is good”. When you have good times you maybe feel happy. When you get something you wanted so badly, you are happy….. But those are no what I mean.
There were twice I feel “life is good” in my 80 years life.
40 of 50 years ago, the most common transportation were bikes and motorbikes. Mine was a bike.
One day after work, I was riding on my bike to home. On the way I was almost home. I looked at the other side of the street, there was a huge picture advertising some new apartment will be finished and will be ready to move in on X day X month X year. The picture of the apartment was a special styli which I had never seen before. As my eyes were fixed on the ad. my bike’s front wheel went closer to the curb and lost its balance. My bike and me fall in the middle of street. As fast as a flash a motorbike behind me ran over me. I could feel something scratched over my head. I thought that was the wheel. I heard some fearful screech! It sounded so awful!
I struggled to sat up. the first thing I did was to touch my skull! That was a miracle! My skull was as solid as it was all the time! No blood on my hand!
A man’s voice talked to me: ” Are…..are you OK?” I stood up with his support. ” I think I am OK!”
A lady ran over to me hold my shoulder with wide opened eyes and said with a shiver voice: ” Oh my good heavens! I thought you were ran over by that motorbike!” She looked at the right side of my head and found a little bloody on my ear and behind my ear. The motorbike driver said to me: “You fell down so suddenly. I could not stop my engine neither turn left at that moment. There were cars coming behind me. If I did a terrible traffic accident would occurred. So I made a quick sharp turn wish that I would not ran over your head. I guess the kickstand scratched your head.”
All of a sudden, I just couldn’t help but thank my mother. She gave me a smaller sized head! Otherwise the kickstand could cut open my skull not just a little scratch!
After the motorbike driver picked up my bike’s One thing I found the frount fork of my bike was squelched. The wheel couldn’t move. I asked the motorbike rider took it to the bike shop to pull them straight. The rider was a very sweet young man. He pushed my bike and escorted me all the way home and keeping on asked me how did I feel? Is there anything he can do for me? He asked me for my phone number because he wanted check on me to see if everything is OK. He called me every day for about almost two weeks. I was OK.
But started from the third week, the rider stopped checking on me, My head started a kind hurting. Not sharp pain but it hurting continuously day and night. Nights were even worse. I could not lay down in bad at night. That would hurt more.
My youngest sister recommended me to visit a retired Army colonel who knew some kind of acupressure which was very different from the traditional way. It was told he had helped many people from pain. And it was free! Because he made a vow to a deity when he learned it.
Unbelievable! I visited the colonel only three times my headache stopped!
Oh my! You could never imagine how happy I was.

D-3. Embroidered shoes


Other than crochet art my mother also love to make her own shoes. She embroider the shoes with her own design. Later she found that the small shiny sequins and beads would be more beautiful than embroider with silk thread. She make the top of her shoes and have the cobblers to finish with the soles. She made pairs after pairs to give as a gift to whoever loved it.

Besides those embroidered shoes, my mother crocheted some small baby slippers for her grandchildren.

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