D-4 Accessory(one)


The most unique pieces among my mother’s crochet works are those small monkey animal heads pins. Each little head was as small as 1in. Some were even smaller than 3 centimeter. With their distinctive faces such as eyes, nose and mouth, even the decoration on their little hat were no slack.





At the first Everlasting Blossom Exhibition in Tai-Chung, My mother pined almost 100 of those little monkey heads on a piece of green colored cloth hung on the wall in the show room. All the exhibits in the room were not for sale except those monkey heads. Not long after they showed their faces, only the empty sheet of cloth hanging on the wall. The people who did not get any were so sorry as if they missed a chance to possess some most precious gem.

Later my mother crocheted some pairs of dog and monkey heads pins to amuse herself. They looked so cute.



One day said to her elder son’s wife: ” To crochet these little things and make they look perfect, cost too much effort of eyesight; I don’t think I’ll make any more. Here I have three pairs of little monkeys and dogs, would you like to choose one as a souvenir?” At that time my sister-in-law was doing some clean-up work the kitchen with rather greasy hands. She said to my mother: “OK! But my hands are too dirty right now. Wait after I washed up my hands I’ll pick up.” But after she finished with the kitchen works there were something else had to be done. Then, everybody, both my mother and my sister-in-law forgot about the whole thing. No one ever mention it anymore!–To be continued.


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